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White cotton socks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white cotton socks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

White cotton 2
Meaning of the dream: safe location

slip socks 72
Description: It will be granted aid

socks routes 69
Interpretation of the dream: indifference in love

adjust socks 6
Translation: ephemeral joys

darning socks 77
Dream description: personal affirmation

cotton trousers 49
Meaning: next deal

buy socks 11
Translation of the dream: requited love

find socks 29
Interpretation: new possibilities

twist the socks 11
Sense of the dream: trouble with women

match socks 16
What does it mean: serenity disturbed

socks with embroidery 33
Meaning of the dream: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Description: useful information

take off your socks 6
Interpretation of the dream: return to good condition

socks or tights 45
Translation: intimacy protection or practicality

white socks 11
Dream description: diplomacy with superiors

new socks 1
Meaning: unworkable ideas

colored socks 44
Translation of the dream: business cheated

socks skier 80
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

mending socks 53
Sense of the dream: economic improvement

socks mountaineer 60
What does it mean: opposition to overcome

socks 13
Meaning of the dream: new possibilities

buy pair of socks 13
Description: loss of a friend

see socks with holes in them 1
Interpretation of the dream: deceptive appearance of fortune

pair socks 39
Translation: visit

wool socks 22
Dream description: unrequited love

balcony with socks 10
Meaning: Requests for protection

wand for socks 83
Translation of the dream: confidences to avoid

white nougat 37
Interpretation: careful selection

white eyelashes 52
Sense of the dream: security and sobriety

white eyebrows 20
What does it mean: health hazard

cotton underwear 42
Meaning of the dream: fleshly desires

thread stockings or cotton 9
Description: Fortunately mediocre

white mustache 90
Interpretation of the dream: economic prosperity

white rags 74
Translation: indecision

white apron 67
Dream description: serene cheerfulness

white tatters 21
Meaning: quiet life

white bathrobe 17
Translation of the dream: sorrows of love

white dog 23
Interpretation: promising start

white frame 77
Sense of the dream: secret aspirations

cotton cloth 42
What does it mean: unpleasant news

cluster white 25
Meaning of the dream: good news soon

white veil 31
Description: harmony with relatives

white die 78
Interpretation of the dream: Useful relations

cotton yarn 5
Translation: happy intuition

twisted cotton 16
Dream description: weakness of character

Black cotton 10
Meaning: hidden enemies

weave cotton 19
Translation of the dream: support from friendly person

root white 29
Interpretation: lucky fate

frog cotton 77
Sense of the dream: unhappy passion

thick cotton 85
What does it mean: exaggerated claims

apron cotton 88
Meaning of the dream: important decisions to make

white nails 46
Description: good health

white doors 36
Interpretation of the dream: excellent job prospects

waxed cotton 2
Translation: embarrassment of choice

beat cotton 29
Dream description: hidden enemies

white feathers 60
Meaning: good friendships