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Talk to a stutterer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream talk to a stutterer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

talk to a stutterer 19
Meaning of the dream: surprises and novelties

be a stutterer 58
Description: distrust of the next

talk to goalkeeper 40
Interpretation of the dream: tension in the family

stammerer 24
Translation: serious embarrassment with prompt resolution

talk to a yokel 75
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

talk to a celebrity 8
Meaning: end of love

talk to a peasant 6
Translation of the dream: attitudes secrets

talk to a wild 60
Interpretation: You try to understand a person who does not esteem

talk to Jew 30
Sense of the dream: deception and lies of friends, from which you can defend yourself if you ll be careful

talk to the commissioner 7
What does it mean: sudden changes

talk to the servant 62
Meaning of the dream: social renewal

talk to the policeman 19
Description: advice to give

talk to the deaf 57
Interpretation of the dream: bitter disappointment

talk to a gentleman 85
Translation: joyfulness

talk to the Pope 90
Dream description: clarification of issues

talk to mummy 79
Meaning: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

talk to the writer 7
Translation of the dream: ambition

talk to an admiral 46
Interpretation: consistency in decisions

talk to Superior 80
Sense of the dream: issues to be determined

talk to the rector 38
What does it mean: comforting news

talk to an officer 20
Meaning of the dream: job performance

talk to the accountant 53
Description: intrigue hidden

talk to the sergeant 5
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

talk to Colonel 42
Translation: complicated business that are fixed

talk to a woman 39
Dream description: lucky deal

talk to the money lender 5
Meaning: meetings compromising

talk to the mother 16
Translation of the dream: happy omen

see or talk to children 9
Interpretation: damage

talk to animals 47
Sense of the dream: danger of leakage

talk to a Count or Countess 11
What does it mean: humiliation

talk to the scientist 46
Meaning of the dream: unexpected support

talk to the professor 53
Description: overcoming difficulties

Talk to the movies 90
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

talk to jesus christ 32
Translation: hopes and consolations

see or talk to a brother 72
Dream description: long life although difficult

talk to an idiot 77
Meaning: favorable changes

talk to any beast 4
Translation of the dream: well very close

speak with the prior 12
Interpretation: fatigue and concerns

talk to Jews 30
Sense of the dream: deception and lies

talk to an enemy 77
What does it mean: dissension in the family

speak with the devil 56
Meaning of the dream: danger of scams

see or talk to Princess 49
Description: pride and arrogance

talk with his nephew 78
Interpretation of the dream: reason

talk with Rabbi 18
Translation: deep inner satisfaction

speak ear 21
Dream description: missed opportunity

talk to a monsignor 44
Meaning: Luckily the person you love