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Walking with the master. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream walking with the master. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be the master 68
Meaning of the dream: good luck

beg the Master 82
Description: bad assets acquired

become master 35
Interpretation of the dream: surprise and unexpected

drawing master 28
Translation: betrayed trust

rebuke the master 38
Dream description: new duties

walking in an alley 6
Meaning: lack of confidence in the future

walking blithely 54
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

young master 15
Interpretation: opposition

master dishonest 5
Sense of the dream: struggles in the work

sick master 16
What does it mean: unusual actions

master of ship 40
Meaning of the dream: great future

obey the master 4
Description: doubts and uncertainties

cheat master 64
Interpretation of the dream: protections friends

music master 8
Translation: artistic satisfaction

master of calligraphy 3
Dream description: amazement

master harp 74
Meaning: expensive gifts

walking with a child 20
Translation of the dream: excellent physical shape

walking naked 78
Interpretation: imbalance nervous

himself master 74
Sense of the dream: Find it difficult unnecessarily

walking melancholic 50
What does it mean: organizational spirit

walking on the bed 53
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

walking in the meadow 41
Description: excessive attachment to the habits

master of ceremony 2
Interpretation of the dream: you offspring

master for the sick to death 9
Translation: beautiful but littlebenefiting things

change master 49
Dream description: windfall

walking with a man 41
Meaning: aspirations logic

himself master with ance 75
Translation of the dream: consistency in the principles

teacher 49
Interpretation: uncertainties and fears because you do not feel up to the tasks, fear of judgments

master who threatens 87
Sense of the dream: jealousy and resentment

walking with priest 48
What does it mean: novelty to deal

master who commands 81
Meaning of the dream: danger of carelessness

himself master with work 72
Description: unnecessary waiting

walking with a woman 9
Interpretation of the dream: resentments dangerous

dead master 86
Translation: have any financial worries

boy with teacher 65
Dream description: new phase of personal life

himself master by study 76
Meaning: new friends

walking the muddy 33
Translation of the dream: not much positive surprises

walking on the roofs 41
Interpretation: You will find the way to success

walking on the carpet 62
Sense of the dream: easy life

walking on clover 7
What does it mean: lack of self-confidence

see teacher walking 68
Meaning of the dream: good buys

walking along the beach 2
Description: tranquility of mind

walking with difficulty 72
Interpretation of the dream: financial difficulties

master of the shop 44
Translation: coherence in

walking on a minefield 40
Dream description: themes to be betrayed

master's scolding 7
Meaning: healed from a serious illness

walking through the wreckage 16
Translation of the dream: you do not have trust in others

walking with an enemy 60
Interpretation: valid support

walking together in a park 34
Sense of the dream: rebellion environment

walk with a military 2
What does it mean: activities intensified