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Walking near snake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walking near snake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

snake 84
Meaning of the dream: enemies and ingratitude

see the snake 40
Description: unrequited love

see snake 25
Interpretation of the dream: strong emotions

seeing him snake 24
Translation: contrasts in love

approach a snake 66
Dream description: fulfillment in love

kill the snake 55
Meaning: passion paid

snake boa 15
Translation of the dream: recognized expertise

approached by a snake 66
Interpretation: Fortunately for all activities

snake tail 3
Sense of the dream: waste of money

of snake bite 70
What does it mean: jealousy violent

scales of a snake 26
Meaning of the dream: agreements to be screened

snake more heads 15
Description: danger of seduction

big snake 44
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions hidden

snake small 86
Translation: restlessness

coiled snake 42
Dream description: ingratitude of a trusted person

snake whistling 40
Meaning: pride and ambition

snake bites 76
Translation of the dream: willingness stubborn

snake Room 59
Interpretation: great nervous tension

snake in the bed 77
Sense of the dream: exuberance and impulsiveness

trample snake 17
What does it mean: friendships insecure

being bitten by snake 80
Meaning of the dream: gossip and slander

kill snake 62
Description: victory over enemies

crawl a snake 26
Interpretation of the dream: infidelity

a poisonous snake 80
Translation: numerous obstacles

bring down a snake 45

snake that attacks 10

whistle snake 54

snake tongue 88

eva with snake 19

find snake in the bed 70
What does it mean: a broken love

anaconda (water snake) 77
Meaning of the dream: temptations

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Description: various injuries

hydro (water snake) 7
Interpretation of the dream: ingratitude, next seduction

lovers walking 83
Translation: quarrels among relatives

Walking a player 55
Dream description: prosperity achieved

walking a circus 77
Meaning: momentary joys

child walking 32
Translation of the dream: news like

walking barefoot 19
Interpretation: necessary sacrifices

walking reading 29
Sense of the dream: Be careful in work

walking on snow 41
What does it mean: provocations by subject

walking on fire 78
Meaning of the dream: Place shelter to an error

walking with a woman 9
Description: resentments dangerous

walking with a man 41
Interpretation of the dream: aspirations logic

walking with a child 20
Translation: excellent physical shape

walking with an enemy 60
Dream description: valid support

walking on the beach 8
Meaning: keep harmony in the family

walking on grass 84
Translation of the dream: Safety in the daily struggle

walking on the roofs 41
Interpretation: You will find the way to success

walking in the countryside 70
Sense of the dream: evidence of genuine affection

walking with difficulty 72
What does it mean: financial difficulties

walking in the cemetery 7
Meaning of the dream: next person s disease relative

insect walking 28
Description: messy business

snail walking 28
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty passing

walking on ice 38
Translation: wasted effort

walking in the night 88
Dream description: need for greater prudence

walking naked 78
Meaning: imbalance nervous

nurse walking 70
Translation of the dream: likely trip

walking in the shade 19
Interpretation: trouble overcome

walking together in a park 34
Sense of the dream: rebellion environment

walking in the rain 80
What does it mean: entry money

walking in the meadow 41
Meaning of the dream: excessive attachment to the habits

see teacher walking 68
Description: good buys

walking on mercury 9
Interpretation of the dream: comfortable income

walking on the stones 7
Translation: pain and suffering

walking on the shore 16
Dream description: proposals faltering

dealer walking 13
Meaning: cheerfulness and good humor