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Walking in flour. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walking in flour. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flour in the cupboard 53
Meaning of the dream: be happy

baked with flour 38
Description: health hazard

bagged flour 42
Interpretation of the dream: profitable business contacts

flour glue 19
Translation: family visits

flour 10
Dream description: contrariness

walking on the bed 53
Meaning: prosperity

walking naked 78
Translation of the dream: imbalance nervous

barn with flour 39
Interpretation: satisfaction

box with flour 24
Sense of the dream: prosperity and gains

cupboard with flour 76
What does it mean: need saving

walking in an alley 6
Meaning of the dream: lack of confidence in the future

walking in the night 88
Description: need for greater prudence

Consumption of flour 64
Interpretation of the dream: sudden problems

walking in narrow street 6
Translation: do a trip

flour zucchini 56
Dream description: new ideas to be realized

buckboard with flour 75
Meaning: new interests

dissolve flour 84
Translation of the dream: activities discontinuous

walking with a child 20
Interpretation: excellent physical shape

flour brain 7
Sense of the dream: emotional crisis

walking in the meadow 41
What does it mean: excessive attachment to the habits

flour hat 6
Meaning of the dream: new knowledge important

walking reading 29
Description: Be careful in work

walking on mercury 9
Interpretation of the dream: comfortable income

buy flour 36
Translation: pleasant news

walking melancholic 50
Dream description: organizational spirit

walking in the shade 19
Meaning: trouble overcome

flour dress 19
Translation of the dream: lack of prestige

Walking a player 55
Interpretation: prosperity achieved

knead the flour 7
Sense of the dream: joys family

walking blithely 54
What does it mean: useful meetings

sack of flour 35
Meaning of the dream: shyness

dumpling flour 47
Description: trouble in a major project

flour paste 59
Interpretation of the dream: quiet life

walking in the cemetery 7
Translation: next person s disease relative

with flour miller 2
Dream description: victories

walking in the rain 80
Meaning: entry money

walking a circus 77
Translation of the dream: momentary joys

flour sifter 36
Interpretation: intimacy to defend

walking with priest 48
Sense of the dream: novelty to deal

walking on clover 7
What does it mean: lack of self-confidence

walking on grass 84
Meaning of the dream: Safety in the daily struggle

flour face 60
Description: depressing thoughts

walking in muddy roads 59
Interpretation of the dream: harassment

flour the hands 46
Translation: good business

walking on all fours 1
Dream description: You would change the course of some events

walking with a woman 9
Meaning: resentments dangerous

flour artichokes 77
Translation of the dream: ingratitude by a benefactor

walking with a man 41
Interpretation: aspirations logic

walking on the roofs 41
Sense of the dream: You will find the way to success

walking on ice 38
What does it mean: wasted effort

barley flour 24
Meaning of the dream: exploitation of relatives

walking with an enemy 60
Description: valid support