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Polish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Polish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Polish 88
Meaning of the dream: impossible desires

polish silverware 40
Description: coexistence difficult

polish copper 11
Interpretation of the dream: shady business

polish shoes 26
Translation: travel project

furniture polish 70
Dream description: decisive meeting

polish floors 85
Meaning: projects

rub up 10
Translation of the dream: coexistence difficult

polish silver 20
Interpretation: ties secrets

red nail polish 20
Sense of the dream: problems in the family

polishing metals 8
What does it mean: You need to make better use of your intuitive side

burnish gold 25
Meaning of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

burnish silver 8
Description: economic hardship

burnish paper 10
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

burnished steel 70
Translation: desire for love

enameled sink 64
Dream description: changes of opinion

polished floor 9
Meaning: Pending pleasant

bolt chrome or polished 11
Translation of the dream: you will be betrayed by a woman

be at the Arctic Pole 44
Interpretation: you will not have the friendships you yearn

play pool 39
Sense of the dream: attention to the pitfalls in the area of ​​friendships

see others play pool 75
What does it mean: pleasures

Antarctic pole 88
Meaning of the dream: Unexpected Journey

polar cap 15
Description: recovery of health

polar landscape 13
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts of love

pole 63
Translation: something hinder the road but you can overcome it with perseverance and patience

necropolis 53
Dream description: traveling abroad

brush 6
Meaning: desire to drive out the problems

perch rod 22
Translation of the dream: awaits a long process

acropolis 22
Interpretation: disease

North Pole 54
Sense of the dream: good address, success in love or in a deal any

football pool 52
What does it mean: you're too stressed out

metal burnishing 82
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness and obstinacy

polisher 45
Description: results stimulants

stake bat 6
Interpretation of the dream: wealth, fortune

monopolist 17
Translation: you are losing touch with important people

Poland 67
Dream description: Travel wishes

Europe 60
Meaning: happy event

lower your head 36
Translation of the dream: fickle love

dress 35
Interpretation: protection security

black dress 73
Sense of the dream: sorrows

red dress 48
What does it mean: security

wedding dress 80
Meaning of the dream: flattery

mourning dress 73
Description: unjust accusations

sew a dress 31
Interpretation of the dream: suspects

Grinding head 83
Translation: surprise from friends

approach the window 34
Dream description: little annoyances

training 52
Meaning: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

train an animal 16
Translation of the dream: protection of young people

train recruits 12
Interpretation: tolerance

sports training 7
Sense of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

to train young people to work 72
What does it mean: fruitful achievements

Festive decorations 80
Meaning of the dream: ill health

domesticate 7
Description: marital fidelity

domesticate dogs 4
Interpretation of the dream: marital fidelity