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Walking continuously. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walking continuously. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

walking the muddy 33
Meaning of the dream: not much positive surprises

walking with priest 48
Description: novelty to deal

walking a circus 77
Interpretation of the dream: momentary joys

walking in the shade 19
Translation: trouble overcome

walking in an alley 6
Dream description: lack of confidence in the future

walking on glass 1
Meaning: impulsiveness and nervousness

walking with a child 20
Translation of the dream: excellent physical shape

walking in the desert 3
Interpretation: you re depressed, unmotivated

walking on the roofs 41
Sense of the dream: You will find the way to success

walking on the carpet 62
What does it mean: easy life

walking on the stones 7
Meaning of the dream: pain and suffering

walking on the sand 30
Description: suspicion and jealousy

walking naked 78
Interpretation of the dream: imbalance nervous

walking blithely 54
Translation: useful meetings

walking with an enemy 60
Dream description: valid support

walking melancholic 50
Meaning: organizational spirit

walking in muddy roads 59
Translation of the dream: harassment

yawn constantly 9
Interpretation: hope disappointed

walking through the wreckage 16
Sense of the dream: you do not have trust in others

brisk walking 1
What does it mean: concerns about an elderly person

walk quickly 39
Meaning of the dream: program changes

walking barefoot 19
Description: necessary sacrifices

walking Executioner 56
Interpretation of the dream: misfortunes

lovers walking 83
Translation: quarrels among relatives

teach to walk 15
Dream description: false security

walking serpentine (zig-zag) 1
Meaning: Business will have consequences

tireless in walking 8
Translation of the dream: embarrassing choice

walking on clover 7
Interpretation: lack of self-confidence

walk in ash 10
Sense of the dream: selfishness and greed

walking on all fours 1
What does it mean: You would change the course of some events

walking on snow 41
Meaning of the dream: provocations by subject

walking on grass 84
Description: Safety in the daily struggle

walk through the brambles 43
Interpretation of the dream: Your suspicions are correct

walk with umbrella 40
Translation: weighting and prudence

walk with relative 6
Dream description: alternation of events

walking on ice 38
Meaning: wasted effort

walking in the night 88
Translation of the dream: need for greater prudence

walking on garbage 29
Interpretation: contrariness

walking with a woman 9
Sense of the dream: resentments dangerous

walk on the roof 27
What does it mean: brilliant statement

see teacher walking 68
Meaning of the dream: good buys

walk over garbage 21
Description: serious opposition

walking with a man 41
Interpretation of the dream: aspirations logic

walking in the meadow 41
Translation: excessive attachment to the habits

walk on the rubble 67
Dream description: you feel too pessimistic

walk with a religious 48
Meaning: act without haste

see walking a rate 28
Translation of the dream: a lazy person annoys you

walking reading 29
Interpretation: Be careful in work

woman walking 4
Sense of the dream: actions inconsistent