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Vomiting screws. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream vomiting screws. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

glutton vomiting 4
Meaning of the dream: purchase of favors

straighten screws 78
Description: bad omen

vomiting blood 54
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing facts

frond screws 54
Translation: sweeping changes

vomit for drunkenness 26
Dream description: thwarted love

vomit for seasickness 11
Meaning: rebellion and misery

vomit food 57
Translation of the dream: disagreement with family

vomit wine 71
Interpretation: successfully delayed

vomit foam 3
Sense of the dream: serious events

spew insults 71
What does it mean: physical fatigue and nervousness

screw back 52
Meaning of the dream: physical strength

wood screw 58
Description: opportunity to be exploited

screw spiral 15
Interpretation of the dream: adaptation difficult

worm screw 42
Translation: polemic

loosen the screw 10
Dream description: effort to be made

tighten the screw 12
Meaning: good relations

iron screw 80
Translation of the dream: small gain

cut the screw 36
Interpretation: reflection and imprudence

nausea 10
Sense of the dream: results stimulants

a screw thread 5
What does it mean: you're too meticulous at work

straighten bolts 34
Meaning of the dream: do not be so stingy

regurgitate 10
Description: we can free ourselves of limitations

to vomit 7
Interpretation of the dream: waste with everything yourself something

be sick 60
Translation: successful successful

pruning vines 73
Dream description: to clarify misunderstandings

shoes with nails 10
Meaning: efforts needed to be made

blacksmith vise 14
Translation of the dream: radical change

carpenter vise 19
Interpretation: illusions and disillusions

nails with enamel 54
Sense of the dream: mild illness

screwdriver 90
What does it mean: wills

climbing vine 30
Meaning of the dream: minor setbacks

screwdriver broke 77
Description: enthusiasm for new projects

vine pergola 38
Interpretation of the dream: flattering promises

screw with grapes 24
Translation: you are in the full love

vise see or work with that 67
Dream description: luck in all affairs

screw with black grapes 59
Meaning: fighting spirit

screw or unscrew the bolt 12
Translation of the dream: energy and creativity

beautify your face 8
Interpretation: momentary difficulties

visit academy 35
Sense of the dream: obstacles

take on a crime 57
What does it mean: clarification

say goodbye after a visit 73
Meaning of the dream: poor understanding

notice of a danger 56
Description: sudden changes

notice of a friendship 7
Interpretation of the dream: passion

notice enmity 71
Translation: good initiatives

notice envy 19
Dream description: hassle

notice of an injustice 56
Meaning: deception foiled

acne on your face 25
Translation of the dream: betrayal of friends

see acne on the face of others 42
Interpretation: protection

join a crime 15
Sense of the dream: physical ailments

facilitate a crime 49
What does it mean: pleasant event

hallucinatory vision 28
Meaning of the dream: morbid sensuality

visit sick 64
Description: liberation from regret

television antenna 84
Interpretation of the dream: critical production

wipe his face 15
Translation: unnecessary practices

notice lever 39
Dream description: contrasts with neighbors