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Tighten the screw. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tighten the screw. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tighten the screw 12
Meaning of the dream: good relations

tighten the sword 73
Description: will to power

tighten 74
Interpretation of the dream: chatter

loosen the screw 10
Translation: effort to be made

cut the screw 36
Dream description: reflection and imprudence

screw back 52
Meaning: physical strength

iron screw 80
Translation of the dream: small gain

screw with grapes 24
Interpretation: you are in the full love

tighten friendship 81
Sense of the dream: spiritual interests

screw spiral 15
What does it mean: adaptation difficult

screw with black grapes 59
Meaning of the dream: fighting spirit

worm screw 42
Description: polemic

wood screw 58
Interpretation of the dream: opportunity to be exploited

screw or unscrew the bolt 12
Translation: energy and creativity

tighten belt 11
Dream description: hard problems

a screw thread 5
Meaning: you're too meticulous at work

vice to tighten 69
Translation of the dream: compromise to avoid

tighten the chest 44
Interpretation: danger of hostilities

tighten your lips 68
Sense of the dream: twinge of conscience

climbing vine 30
What does it mean: minor setbacks

bolt 37
Meaning of the dream: Protection of emotions or difficult experiences

new bolt 89
Description: useful and faithful friendships

straighten screws 78
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

to make pacts 60
Translation: positive energy

curl up on the sofa 86
Dream description: sudden novelty

bolt bronze 41
Meaning: still in business

pull a stone 40
Translation of the dream: contrasts with the outside world

frond screws 54
Interpretation: sweeping changes

vine pergola 38
Sense of the dream: flattering promises

clench fists 50
What does it mean: serious disagreements

bite the bullet 7
Meaning of the dream: lack of maturity

to put on the spurs 12
Description: wait anxiously the success of a deal

take into consideration 62
Interpretation of the dream: threads interest

be resigned 75
Translation: overcome differences

give birth to 8
Dream description: next joy

be discharged 7
Meaning: you will fall into a trap

screwdriver 90
Translation of the dream: wills

lives 26
Interpretation: A complicated and unpleasant thing

hands clasped 26
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in love

close the bolt 45
What does it mean: Excessive pedantry

pull 32
Meaning of the dream: nostalgic spirit

hug a cheetah 84
Description: need to protect and help someone

squeeze the lime 8
Interpretation of the dream: discontent in family

make a deal 36
Translation: risky business

tight bodice 36
Dream description: bitterness and sorrow

form relationships 39
Meaning: vain search

lighting bolt 29
Translation of the dream: danger to themselves or also for the family

tight handcuffs 55
Interpretation: unscrupulous actions

tight shoes 64
Sense of the dream: progress difficult

tight cap 66
What does it mean: find difficulties to organize your schedule

make a pact 29
Meaning of the dream: generosity in giving

blacksmith vise 14
Description: radical change

nun to grate 18
Interpretation of the dream: abandonment and sadness

shake hands 20
Translation: personal matter to be resolved