Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

violinist applauded

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: violinist applauded

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1 violinist applauded
incoming correspondence

71 singer applauded
extravagant spending

12 tenor applauded
ideas to be clarified

60 tragedy applauded
serene waiting

36 violinist
emotional intensity

74 old violinist
happy occasion

29 violinist playing
states of tension

15 violinist booed
anger and irritability

81 violinist young
unjustified resentment

70 applaud
condescension harmful

19 applaud a comedy
friendships safe

81 applaud a tragedy
improvement in business

28 applaud a drama
respect and protection granted

63 applaud a song
justified expectations

9 applaud work
prosperous business

70 applaud a speech
flatterers dangerous

39 applaud a personality
sudden wealth

53 violin bow
win in a fight

54 applause
interesting journey

78 quartet of violins
faithful love

44 collect applause
weak character

88 burst of applause
delusions of grandeur

45 roar of applause
spirit of contradiction

63 violin player
emotional intensity

75 violin
Obstacles that you can overcome only with a hard work

43 buy the violin

57 play the violin
ambiguous situation

71 studying the violin
contrasts of love

4 hear playing violin