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Applaud a speech. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream applaud a speech. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

applaud a speech 70
Meaning of the dream: flatterers dangerous

applaud a drama 28
Description: respect and protection granted

applaud a song 63
Interpretation of the dream: justified expectations

applaud a personality 39
Translation: sudden wealth

applaud 70
Dream description: condescension harmful

applaud a tragedy 81
Meaning: improvement in business

shorten a speech 70
Translation of the dream: next meeting

disapprove a speech 41
Interpretation: intuitions wrong

applaud a comedy 19
Sense of the dream: friendships safe

recite a speech 45
What does it mean: initiatives guess

speech 22
Meaning of the dream: next meeting

applaud work 9
Description: prosperous business

a highsounding speech 4
Interpretation of the dream: excessive intransigence

report a speech 39
Translation: wishes fulfilled

review a speech 16
Dream description: aggression harmful

a silly speech 76
Meaning: good understanding with friends

contradict a speech 5
Translation of the dream: victory over enemies

agitated speech 32
Interpretation: loss of confidence

improvise a speech 16
Sense of the dream: recognized merit

reattach a speech 17
What does it mean: pride accentuated

summarize a speech 20
Meaning of the dream: resourcefulness and security

regained speech 8
Description: aid from third parties

cheat speech 71
Interpretation of the dream: rapidity of thought

pronouncing a speech 52
Translation: imprudent steps

Finally a speech 20
Dream description: you're trying to make people understand your ideas

speech scabrous 50
Meaning: clarity of ideas

exciting speech 56
Translation of the dream: good mood and good fortune

lost speech 56
Interpretation: quick decisions

lengthen the speech 84
Sense of the dream: you will have disagreements

short speech 67
What does it mean: deceptions

fierce speech 36
Meaning of the dream: nervous restlessness

make a speech 84
Description: durable stability

start a speech 38
Interpretation of the dream: inflexible character

listen to a speech 29
Translation: challenging decisions

unbecoming speech 32
Dream description: novelty little happy

regret for a speech 35
Meaning: interesting offer

frank speech 19
Translation of the dream: evidence of affection

transmitting a speech 46
Interpretation: creative spirit

closing speech 37
Sense of the dream: unlucky business

wrong speech 6
What does it mean: truth misrepresented

speech start 81
Meaning of the dream: loss of a friend

double talk 80
Description: happiness with relatives

abstract talk 8
Interpretation of the dream: great novelty and fortune

oration 61
Translation: quiet soul and joy

record speeches 30
Dream description: expenses advantageous

surprise speeches 84
Meaning: good business performance

applauded by few 25
Translation of the dream: greed for money

harangue of a lawyer 82
Interpretation: welfare

applauded bleak 65
Sense of the dream: heated discussion

funeral oration 5
What does it mean: You lose a friend

haranguing the people 78
Meaning of the dream: ostentation of virtue

fresh harangue 15
Description: false insinuations

lauded 25
Interpretation of the dream: vivid imagination

see or admire a fresco 79
Translation: some person who knows you're helping in your accommodation

singer applauded 71
Dream description: extravagant spending