Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Villa with people. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: villa with people

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villa with people 80
Meaning of the dream: proposals to sift

own a villa 8
Dream Interpretation: suspicions unjust

see the villa 8
Meanings of dreams: illusions of short duration

old villa 67
Dream Interpretations: career advancement

villa 19
What does this mean: economic tranquility

have a villa 86

Outside of villa 70

build a villa 40
Meaning of the dream: melancholy

to live in a villa 49
Dream Interpretation: delays and mishaps

buy villa 33
Meanings of dreams: changes of opinion

furnish the villa 27
Dream Interpretations: errors impatience

villa in ruins 87
What does this mean: businesses difficult

Royal Villa 20
What does it mean: good social relations

deserted villa 12
Meaning of the dream: momentary sadness

illuminated villa 44
Dream Interpretation: intellectual interests

dark villa 63
Meanings of dreams: austere life

sumptuous villa 74
Dream Interpretations: exaggerated ambition

empty villa 5
What does this mean: aid to give

furnished villa 72
What does it mean: passing enthusiasm

Seaside villa 40
Meaning of the dream: impressionability exaggerated

villa in the countryside 17
Dream Interpretation: peace of mind

villa in the city 10
Meanings of dreams: aid materials coming

illuminate villa 66

private villa 75

people 30
Meaning of the dream: tranquility of mind

come out of people 29
Dream Interpretation: success in love

see many people 17
Meanings of dreams: health and safety

coupling of people 36
Dream Interpretations: exuberance

meeting of people 55
What does this mean: tranquility of mind

grab people 61
What does it mean: reconciliation work

a crowd of people 90
Meaning of the dream: displeasure by children

incite people 51
Dream Interpretation: advice received

mutiny of people 82
Meanings of dreams: great disappointments

lift with people 46
Dream Interpretations: advantageous accommodation

boat with people 3
What does this mean: susceptibility excessive

Trooping of the many people 4
What does it mean: You receive an important visit

see bearded people 45
Meaning of the dream: anger to deal nuanced

dinghy with people 44
Dream Interpretation: fortune and notoriety

handcart with people 25
Meanings of dreams: spirit of domination

carriage with people 78
Dream Interpretations: brilliant location

People search 74
What does this mean: hasty judgments

confusion of people 8
What does it mean: shyness and diffidence

count people 30
Meaning of the dream: doubt and despair

converse with old people 63
Dream Interpretation: discouragement to overcome

defend people 11
Meanings of dreams: activities discontinuous

demonstration of people 67
Dream Interpretations: disputes

disturb people 64
What does this mean: new relationships

list of people 45
What does it mean: missed connections

whipping people 90
Meaning of the dream: danger of exploitation

People in church 31
Dream Interpretation: high hopes

people on the street 4
Meanings of dreams: ephemeral joys

people on the run 83
Dream Interpretations: restlessness

happy people 56
What does this mean: a lot of movement

people who cackles 67
What does it mean: sorrows and worries

gondola with people 90
Meaning of the dream: ties in danger

group of people 11
Dream Interpretation: fallacious illusions

chaining people 26
Meanings of dreams: victory over enemies

tie people 76
Dream Interpretations: trouble judicial