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Living abroad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream living abroad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

living abroad 61
Meaning of the dream: complex to be overcome

liberate abroad 28
Description: sense of unease

journalist abroad 58
Interpretation of the dream: enemy eliminated

a missionary abroad 66
Translation: great novelty and fortune

negotiate abroad 14
Dream description: good earnings

move abroad 41
Meaning: excellent physical condition

travel abroad 20
Translation of the dream: opportunity to be exploited

grain abroad 48
Interpretation: deception of friends

battalion abroad 58
Sense of the dream: unexpected support

flee abroad 82
What does it mean: dangerous enemies

return from abroad 42
Meaning of the dream: new projects

Minister abroad 16
Description: useful meetings

escape abroad 82
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enemies

frank mail for abroad 28
Translation: unusual adventure

living with children 74
Dream description: friendships

live in the country 8
Meaning: full success in work

foreign correspondent 56
Translation of the dream: possibility of change

foreign product 13
Interpretation: dangerous business

living with brothers 63
Sense of the dream: projects slow but sure

living in a hovel 44
What does it mean: superficiality of judgment

be an alien extraterrestrial 73
Meaning of the dream: when you're at work you do not feel okay

foreign business 36
Description: melancholies

live with strangers 71
Interpretation of the dream: overcoming of an obstacle

country overseas 60
Translation: broken promises

live with a man 34
Dream description: donation and earnings

live in a palace 70
Meaning: impediments and delays

live with a woman 22
Translation of the dream: danger of a scam

live with the mother-in-law 78
Interpretation: excessive impressionability

live with the poor 17
Sense of the dream: wealth of mind

embark for foreign 88
What does it mean: loss rather serious

live with a friend 61
Meaning of the dream: hassle from family

live with his mother 69
Description: righteousness and loyalty

to live in a villa 49
Interpretation of the dream: delays and mishaps

sing for a living 7
Translation: windfall

sojourn 25
Dream description: prosperity at home

living being thrown in water 9
Meaning: many worries and thoughts

dwell in the country 71
Translation of the dream: prosperity

dwell 30
Interpretation: failures

trip to the mountains 84
Sense of the dream: changes Useful

overseas 2
What does it mean: broken promises

living room 4
Meaning of the dream: you will be slandered

stay at sea 70
Description: remarkable progress

extend your stay 9
Interpretation of the dream: concerns imaginary

live at sea 68
Translation: betrayal of friends

live alone 30
Dream description: innovative thoughts

Foreign Trade 69
Meaning: security and balance

Outside the palace 7
Translation of the dream: love of power

to live with her lover 60
Interpretation: exaggerated claims

live for the day 52
Sense of the dream: Excessive fantasy

live in the attic 11
What does it mean: love of family

live in discord 43
Meaning of the dream: limited views

foreign alphabet 27
Description: small woes