Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

villa in ruins

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: villa in ruins

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villa in ruins 87
businesses difficult

see ruins 5

be over the ruins 20
you will fall in great embarrassment

farmhouse in ruins 76
setbacks on the road

palace ruins 77
rupture of relations

own a villa 8
suspicions unjust

see the villa 8
illusions of short duration

old villa 67
career advancement

villa 19
economic tranquility

have a villa 86

Outside of villa 70

build a villa 40

to live in a villa 49
delays and mishaps

buy villa 33
changes of opinion

furnish the villa 27
errors impatience

Royal Villa 20
good social relations

deserted villa 12
momentary sadness

villa with people 80
proposals to sift

illuminated villa 44
intellectual interests

dark villa 63
austere life

sumptuous villa 74
exaggerated ambition

empty villa 5
aid to give

furnished villa 72
passing enthusiasm

Seaside villa 40
impressionability exaggerated

villa in the countryside 17
peace of mind

villa in the city 10
aid materials coming

illuminate villa 66

private villa 75

ruined abbey 19
unexpected triumph

ancient ruin 11
way out in dangerous situations

ruined castle 65
fear of the future

ruined cloister 90
removal of a friend

villain 31
do not let overwhelm, overcome

village stilts 80
to iron out misunderstandings

ruining a suit 65
unnecessary fears

ruining health 3
New Jobs

ruin 53
Luckily, successes, triumphs

ruined tower 83
annoyance and fatigue

village 12
to iron out misunderstandings

see a village 9
commitments to avoid

living in a village 61
serenity and peace

through a village 23
important meeting

watch a village 44
high hopes for the future

Village inhabitant 33

apartment village 53

bomb a village 82

village burned 65

new village 11

old village 8

ruined house 49

ruined family 11

villain factor 70

villain who steals 88

villain who escapes 19

villain dead 73

perfect villain 5

set out to ruin 5

villager 73

villainy 4