Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

furnish the villa

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: furnish the villa

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furnish the villa 27
errors impatience

furnish 58

furnish their homes 75
admiration female

furnish the house of others 87
ingenuity at work

furnish a store 71
pedantry in business

furnish a restaurant 22
ill health

furnish the room 4
declared enmity

furnish an apartment 5

own a villa 8
suspicions unjust

see the villa 8
illusions of short duration

old villa 67
career advancement

villa 19
economic tranquility

have a villa 86

Outside of villa 70

build a villa 40

to live in a villa 49
delays and mishaps

buy villa 33
changes of opinion

villa in ruins 87
businesses difficult

Royal Villa 20
good social relations

deserted villa 12
momentary sadness

villa with people 80
proposals to sift

illuminated villa 44
intellectual interests

dark villa 63
austere life

sumptuous villa 74
exaggerated ambition

empty villa 5
aid to give

furnished villa 72
passing enthusiasm

Seaside villa 40
impressionability exaggerated

villa in the countryside 17
peace of mind

villa in the city 10
aid materials coming

illuminate villa 66

private villa 75

stacking furniture 41
heavy duty

rent a furnished room 32

lighten furniture 87
danger of carelessness

antique furniture 53
news from afar

furnished apartment 23
backbiting family

furnishing see a rich decoration 82

furniture room 40

build furniture 73
regard and esteem

up against a piece of furniture 3
missed opportunity

keep furniture 32
Speculation disadvantageous

furniture warehouse 74
victory over enemies

damaging furniture 48
organization irrational

defacing a piece of furniture 39
deceit and slander

painting furniture 25
mental elasticity

smashing furniture 81
sense of incomprehension

pack furniture 18
love or friendship that ends

tripping over a piece of furniture 23
stubbornness and obstinacy

furniture polish 70
decisive meeting

villain 31
do not let overwhelm, overcome

furniture 30
wealth, fortune

buy new furniture 31
encouraging news

old furniture 17
constancy and fidelity

village stilts 80
to iron out misunderstandings

dust on the furniture 38
minor glitches

clean furniture 66
great activities

furnishings 18
wealth, fortune

rational furniture 65
speculations and risks to be avoided

restore a piece of furniture 60
Lost Illusions

furniture retailer 81
dangerous business

discard furniture 46
short term success

open furniture 14

sawing furniture 86
fear of tomorrow

seize furniture 54
moderate ambitions

furnished room 23

rub furniture 51
increasing responsibility

furnishings school 80
support and encouragement

antique furnishings 6
major purchases

modern furnishings 63
new ideas

attic cluttered with furniture 19
you confused mind

carry furniture 83
problems to be solved

bumping into furniture 17
unforeseen events

sell furniture 31
Meeting interesting

village 12
to iron out misunderstandings

see a village 9
commitments to avoid

living in a village 61
serenity and peace

through a village 23
important meeting

watch a village 44
high hopes for the future

Village inhabitant 33

rent furniture 22

adjust furniture 23

apartment village 53