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Van offroad mud. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream van offroad mud. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

police van 71
Meaning of the dream: intuition wrong

van ambulance 64
Description: sentimental conquests

dealer van 7
Interpretation of the dream: inner insecurity

truck or van 18
Translation: responsibilities and work

mud 28
Dream description: freedom from envy

fall in the mud 46
Meaning: changes in future

wallow in the mud 3
Translation of the dream: difficult times coming

dirty mud 62
Interpretation: health hazard

Mud dirty 22
Sense of the dream: you ll ruin with your own hands

puddle of mud 29
What does it mean: interests pending

march in the mud 4
Meaning of the dream: disease

roll in the mud 16
Description: painful injustice

splashing mud 18
Interpretation of the dream: difficult journey

crawling in the mud 80
Translation: receipts of money

sink into the mud 28
Dream description: possibility of going out without danger

mud daub 63
Meaning: risk dangerous

throw mud 38
Translation of the dream: sudden sympathy

soil with mud 52
Interpretation: profit

grant an advance 17
Sense of the dream: deal failed

advantageous purchase 67
What does it mean: passing infatuation

wrangle with servants 29
Meaning of the dream: excessive tolerance of others

advance of money 49
Description: bad deal

camping with caravan 21
Interpretation of the dream: statements in family

caravan of motorists 15
Translation: economic solutions

caravan of tourists 1
Dream description: important news

caravan of camels 16
Meaning: business to be clarified

caravan moving 18
Translation of the dream: wasteful projects

caravan stops 80
Interpretation: fears and mistrust

caravan in the desert 81
Sense of the dream: circumstances of fortune

caravan dispersed 48
What does it mean: challenging business

be part of a caravan 86
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

vanilla cream 41
Description: indecision dangerous

vanquish 5
Interpretation of the dream: profitable organization

Decision advantageous 55
Translation: misunderstandings clarified

caravan 78
Dream description: utilities by friends

caravan lost in the desert 56
Meaning: meeting helpful

Centenary person very advanced in years 16
Translation of the dream: useful meetings

savannah 5
Interpretation: exploiting your intelligence and wisdom

muddy shoes 7
Sense of the dream: worries and troubles

muddy dress 28
What does it mean: slander and gossip

have a government servant 46
Meaning of the dream: Good news

be muddy 26
Description: hurt you, and this will not harm

honest servant 52
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm and fervor in the activity

muddy sound 56
Translation: distrust and jealousy

pay in advance 50
Dream description: occasional earnings

mudguard 71
Meaning: temporary irritation

advantageous price 9
Translation of the dream: obstacles to be removed

ministerial servants 31
Interpretation: many enemies around you