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Use a lighter. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream use a lighter. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lighter 78
Meaning of the dream: Hope in something good and brilliant

use a lighter 81
Description: exploitation by relatives

see use a lighter from other 62
Interpretation of the dream: money coming

pocket lighter 63
Translation: arrogance towards the weak

table lighter 14
Dream description: easy money

lighter kitchen 42
Meaning: harmful distraction

gold lighter 19
Translation of the dream: happy reunion travel

silver lighter 36
Interpretation: You have regrets of the past

buy a lighter 49
Sense of the dream: agreements that fail

give a lighter 70
What does it mean: weak character

receive a lighter 38
Meaning of the dream: He surprised by a son

automatic lighter 41
Description: ease in your work

load lighter 18
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties with relatives

lighter streetlights 5

release for lighter penalty 87
Dream description: repairable errors

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Meaning: hatred secret

leave the house 10
Translation of the dream: benefits

beautify the house 18
Interpretation: loss of property

see a house 89
Sense of the dream: new friends

lonely house 3
What does it mean: high hopes

light a fire 45
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

light a lamp 65
Description: winnings

light a cigarette 14
Interpretation of the dream: money coming

light a torch 53
Translation: Legal differences

light a candle 31
Dream description: liberation from a burden

light a beacon 5
Meaning: location uncertain

catch a mouse 70
Translation of the dream: skills in business

to accuse 90
Interpretation: restlessness and torment

accuse someone 90
Sense of the dream: sorrows secrets

accuse wife 34
What does it mean: disease

accuse a friend 7
Meaning of the dream: nervousness

accuse an authority 15
Description: lightness

accuse wrongly 11
Interpretation of the dream: severe punishment

accused 88
Translation: your things will succeed

accused who defends himself 26
Dream description: superficiality of feelings

accused acquitted 72
Meaning: agreements that are successful

be accused 87
Translation of the dream: good reputation

use acid 29
Interpretation: big news

decorate the house 36
Sense of the dream: unannounced visits

airplane in flight 8
What does it mean: punishment undeserved

rent a house 75
Meaning of the dream: next arrival of money

fix a house 17
Description: tranquility of mind

use garlic 16
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with young

use a needle 24
Translation: afflictions of love

Citrus in greenhouse 81
Dream description: faithful love

bird wings in flight 24
Meaning: deception female

to house friends 17
Translation of the dream: joy in the family

to house nuns 19
Interpretation: craftiness

to house pilgrims 3
Sense of the dream: demonstration of loyalty

use alcohol 6
What does it mean: deal unproductive

lighten 60
Meaning of the dream: wise intentions

lighten an animal 15
Description: wise intentions

lighten a wagon 44
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid loneliness

lighten furniture 87
Translation: danger of carelessness

lighten weights 3
Dream description: deserved awards

away from spouses 29
Meaning: disappointments in love

away from the spouse 73
Translation of the dream: indifference sentimental

height of a house 29
Interpretation: insight in the work

love your spouse 12
Sense of the dream: magnetism

be slightly ill 31
What does it mean: killing unjustified

furnish the house of others 87
Meaning of the dream: ingenuity at work

Love refused 37
Description: moral pleasures

bee house 70
Interpretation of the dream: sudden loss of money

use weapon 77
Translation: wrongdoing

glow light 33
Dream description: fear of novelty

first flight 32
Meaning: assiduity in work

woodcock in flight 39
Translation of the dream: moral conquests

biplane in flight 51
Interpretation: demonstrations of loyalty

gambling house 11
Sense of the dream: infidelity of friends or partners