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Urine mask. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream urine mask. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

urine analysis 68

clear urine 4
Description: decreased energy and vitality

pee (urine) 8
Interpretation of the dream: it is time to give something negative

making so much urine 11
Translation: expression of your creative ideas of your hidden talents

colored urine 78
Dream description: creativity and freedom

urine of animals 69
Meaning: put the needs of others always in front of you

drink urine 45
Translation of the dream: makes the most of your resources

mask 37
Interpretation: falsehood and simulation

from old mask 54

pants (mask) 90
What does it mean: you re too light

clothing to mask 77
Meaning of the dream: envy and malice

woman in mask 80

mask ancient 33

mask harlequin 25

knight mask 63

Women mask 67

Doctor's mask 65

warrior mask 6

clown mask 39

from servant mask 5

Men's mask 17

mask wig 27

see themselves in the act of abjuring 32
Interpretation of the dream: victory over the enemy

capturing moose 7
Translation: lack of vitality

eating apricot during the season 33
Dream description: happiness, health, pleasure

masked ball 26
Meaning: pitfalls

Carnival masks 68
Translation of the dream: danger of dishonesty

Carnival without masks 45
Interpretation: melancholy and nostalgia

quack unmasked 8
Sense of the dream: waste of money

pouring water 83
What does it mean: quarrels and discord

pouring gold 89
Meaning of the dream: new gains

Damask old 65
Description: renewals and changes

modern damask 35
Interpretation of the dream: decisive events

damask upholstery 2
Translation: a lot of physical and mental energy

damask church 12
Dream description: achievements in the work

masked party 9
Meaning: crushes

attend a conjuring trick 59
Translation of the dream: your business will go according to your wishes

masked street 4
Interpretation: financial problem to be solved

masked carts 67
Sense of the dream: harmful interference of third parties

the masked ball 34
What does it mean: danger of scam

measuring cloth 4
Meaning of the dream: bold initiative

measuring an area 70
Description: lack of communication

urinate 45
Interpretation of the dream: recovery from a long illness, physical well-being

urinate on themselves 84
Translation: contrasts in love

urinate in the chamber pot 67
Dream description: open struggle

urinate on the wall 23
Meaning: Gift incoming

urinate blood 58
Translation of the dream: good health

urinate calculations 34
Interpretation: physical improvement

innkeeper pouring wine 44
Sense of the dream: onerous task

ball tambourine 16
What does it mean: excellent prospects

procuring friendships 13
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant news

procuring employment 38
Description: pride and conceit

manufacturing 30
Interpretation of the dream: you will feel better

see torturing others or themselves 25
Translation: rescue from death

Satin Damask 25
Dream description: false oaths

capturing a swarm 75
Meaning: remorse for wrongdoing

unmask 20
Translation of the dream: waste of money

unmask a liar 40
Interpretation: commercial compromises

unmask a thief 46
Sense of the dream: Serious discussions

shelter during a hurricane 27
What does it mean: forebodings

urinating 45
Meaning of the dream: contempt

urinating on the floor 16
Description: trouble from friends

urinate in a jar 44
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

urinating in the street 5
Translation: repentance

urinate in bed 75
Dream description: great achievements

urinating blood 58
Meaning: good health

pouring a drink 40
Translation of the dream: interesting visit

go to turin 29

wagon with masks 3

capturing a farmer 1

capturing a military 1

capturing a man 57

capturing a woman 20

coachman masked 90

damask cloth 19