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Festival. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream festival. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

festival 38
Meaning of the dream: happy news

music festival 14
Description: incoming correspondence

participate in a festival 28
Interpretation of the dream: exuberant vitality

theater festival 24
Translation: visits from afar

street festival 8

festival (also that of the songs) 55
Meaning: joy and earnings

city ​​festival 28

country festival 72
Interpretation: thwarted love

church festival 55

napoli in festival 8
What does it mean: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

grape festival 30
Meaning of the dream: immediate gain

country feast 24
Description: complicated ties

celebrate Christmas 29

eyes fixed 1
Translation: state of inactivity to overcome

Christmas celebration 51

celebration of festivals 53

Christmas' Eve 24

Writing recorded 80
Interpretation: strengthening of relations

will firmly 29

approaching feast 49

approach of Christmas 82

paddle hard 30
Description: to curb impulsiveness

feast in the square 59

whip up a feast 48
Translation: unprofitable business

prepare for a feast 48
Dream description: protections and supports safe

tight (wedding ceremony) 55
Meaning: authorities

Festive decorations 80
Translation of the dream: ill health

fix the hair 59
Interpretation: secret pain

solid food 62
Sense of the dream: wise improvisation

fasten your sails 41
What does it mean: aid determinants

fasten the belts 45
Meaning of the dream: obsessive passion

enclose a check 30
Description: small gain

attach stamps 24
Interpretation of the dream: satisfactions by young people

firm swing 44
Translation: stagnation in business

arrested 7
Dream description: feelings of guilt

attaching buttons 60
Meaning: false flatterers

sumptuous feast 46
Translation of the dream: fruitful achievements

bandit arrested 25
Interpretation: improvised Friends

fix something on the wall 21
Sense of the dream: you will be put to shame

cling 22
What does it mean: welfare

arrest 47
Meaning of the dream: imprisonment

arrest or prisoner 3
Description: sorrow and misery or joy late

capitulation of a fortress 64
Interpretation of the dream: spirit resourceful

caravan stops 80
Translation: fears and mistrust

cashier arrested 59
Dream description: unbridled ambition

fortified town 63
Meaning: enforceable rights

cheering party 23
Translation of the dream: harmful excesses

smuggler arrested 53
Interpretation: arbitrary judgments

tight rope 43
Sense of the dream: improvements location

rope mooring 54
What does it mean: novelties from afar

decrease of strength 33
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of enthusiasm

disarming a fortress 56
Description: malaise and fatigue

family party 60
Interpretation of the dream: status uncertain

fasten buckle 56
Translation: overcoming of complexes

fortress 45
Dream description: spirit resourceful

military fortress 35
Meaning: dangerous hazards

occupy the fortress 50
Translation of the dream: moral force

festive day 38
Interpretation: happiness in love

revels 48
Sense of the dream: joy of short duration, tightening of character

gala 15
What does it mean: Safe Gain

fixed price 55
Meaning of the dream: ability to exploit

have a weight attached to the ears 47
Description: frantic life

fixed rule 74
Interpretation of the dream: days of depression