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Ulcers thing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ulcers thing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ulcers thing 44
Meaning of the dream: good omen and fortune varies

ulcers in the legs 53
Description: initiatives blocked

thing 63

ulcers or sores in the legs 9
Translation: wheezing load and work without profit

ulcers in the arms or elbows 5
Dream description: boredom, sadness, loss of time and goods

have the back covered with ulcers 26
Meaning: triumph of enemies or envious, general contempt

decant a thing 67
Translation of the dream: aggressive behavior

end of a thing 23
Interpretation: decisions to return

thing of the past 77
Sense of the dream: unreasonable obstinacy

small object or thing 32
What does it mean: haughtiness

tear down something using an ax 1
Meaning of the dream: unexpected losses

accept someone or something 17
Description: right now your excellent mood

bathing water 6
Interpretation of the dream: possible loss

trouble breathing 6
Translation: freedom from envy

alone on clothing 90
Dream description: bad conscience

abuse anything 77
Meaning: too much account of themselves

shorten anything 67
Translation of the dream: It is before a small loss

see anything grow up 57
Interpretation: Your well-being is growing slowly

things not fresh or sour 36
Sense of the dream: small disputes

adorn themselves with new things 13
What does it mean: great good news waiting for you within a very short time

fix something on the wall 21
Meaning of the dream: you will be put to shame

grab anything 9
Description: you bragged to your skills

the impression of something expand 85
Interpretation of the dream: good news for letter

anxiety of something 23
Translation: overcome their enemies

see set something 12
Dream description: suffering infidelity

artificial things 10
Meaning: good news

bathing in murky water 19
Translation of the dream: death of cattle

Bathing in a channel 10
Interpretation: fortunately short-lived

bathing in a swamp 17
Sense of the dream: misfortune

bathing beach to the sea 35
What does it mean: indisposition

plaything of girl 77
Meaning of the dream: happy encounters

plaything broken 51
Description: cheerfulness

war (things military) 88
Interpretation of the dream: strength and decision in your projects

thin arms 27
Translation: thanks

look like something 31
Dream description: objects that you own are very important to you

get close to anything 19
Meaning: curiosity

soothing cough 83
Translation of the dream: important events

soothing headaches 20
Interpretation: false flattery

cash with clothing 80
Sense of the dream: resistance force

dressing thin 37
What does it mean: extravagant spending

fretting for nothing 87
Meaning of the dream: fight with opponents

describe something 26
Description: well inspired actions

unadorned clothing 76
Interpretation of the dream: payout of hostilities

buy anything 38
Translation: good wishes

buy and see something 71
Dream description: disgrace

things of all kinds 48
Meaning: you re too distracted

eating things of the sea 3
Translation of the dream: infirmity

broken things 12
Interpretation: embarrassments

sacred things 30
Sense of the dream: You re lucky

things found 21
What does it mean: much money

various things 5
Meaning of the dream: quite a good omen

the impression of creating anything 79
Description: good omen and arrival of money

see strange things 55
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately in trades

behind everything 19
Translation: You will advance grade

disinfect anything 66
Dream description: meetings between old friends

sweet things taste 80
Meaning: deception, gain

do something 27
Translation of the dream: gain

thin 58
Interpretation: futile waiting for an event