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Future years. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream future years. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

years of war 60
Meaning of the dream: serenity conquered

years 40
Description: the business will go well

five years 6
Interpretation of the dream: calm character

Centenary person very advanced in years 16
Translation: useful meetings

predicting the future 18
Dream description: insecurity

future event 60
Meaning: concerns

guess the future 52
Translation of the dream: illusions vanished

confidence in the future 32
Interpretation: helpful tips

magician who predicts the future 13
Sense of the dream: removal of dangers

future 67
What does it mean: hopes

year of famine 79
Meaning of the dream: optimistic forecasts

be told the future astrologer 15
Description: torments illfounded on pain and embarrassment

think of the future 90
Interpretation of the dream: efforts rewarded

worry about the future 66
Translation: to overcome indecision

Eighteenth birthday 22
Dream description: you think you've got what you deserved

year of peace 48
Meaning: lack of initiative

Current year 12
Translation of the dream: privileges conquered

head of year 1
Interpretation: sobriety and concentration

year of plenty 23
Sense of the dream: sense of duty

predict the future 33
What does it mean: right insight

holy year 25
Meaning of the dream: good resolutions

year of revolution 4
Description: period full of doubt

Last year 72
Interpretation of the dream: caution at work

anus 23
Translation: Greed and avarice

Next year 84
Dream description: enthusiasms and projects

end of year 65
Meaning: good solutions

critical year 27
Translation of the dream: false dreams

happy New Year 26
Interpretation: quarrels in the family

months of the year 10
Sense of the dream: You believe that the time is flowing fast

Come along! 10
What does it mean: progress with work

wish good year 39
Meaning of the dream: emotional states to control

proclamation 86
Description: They will suffer bad things

leap year 4
Interpretation of the dream: prudence with enemies

school year 27
Translation: difficult changes

biennium 45
Dream description: you will be forced to flee, flee the country

coming and going 86
Meaning: intentions ambiguous

boat coming 7
Translation of the dream: loss to the game

be dried by others 76
Interpretation: disease

failing to discipline 82
Sense of the dream: outlook uncertain

good will come and go 83
What does it mean: Good initiatives

reciprocate best wishes 83
Meaning of the dream: initiatives happy

airport with planes coming 14
Description: concentration and profits

bring tears to your face 50
Interpretation of the dream: want to see a situation clearly

be in dispute with a scribe 28
Translation: you will be involved in shady business

their dog barking 5
Dream description: help from someone close

a dog barking unknown 70
Meaning: threat of danger

barking of a watchdog 20
Translation of the dream: good news

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Interpretation: hatred secret

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

put your hands down 5
What does it mean: fatality

demolition of homes 27
Meaning of the dream: successful combination