Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

ulcers in the arms or elbows

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: ulcers in the arms or elbows

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5 ulcers in the arms or elbows
boredom, sadness, loss of time and goods

53 ulcers in the legs
initiatives blocked

44 ulcers thing
good omen and fortune varies

9 ulcers or sores in the legs
wheezing load and work without profit

26 have the back covered with ulcers
triumph of enemies or envious, general contempt

77 arms

45 arms around

35 lower arms
sadness passing

27 open arms
fights with enemies

42 arms folded
moral satisfaction

11 arms wrapped
fraying of nerves

71 arms in casts
decreased resistance nervosa

76 arms wounds
exaggerated harshness in speech

35 bare arms
good inspirations

78 arms beautiful
sentimental victory

35 hairy arms
good relations with neighbors

75 arms dirty
imprudence in acting

7 beautiful arms

38 weak arms

61 strong arms
happiness and freedom

27 thin arms

74 broken arms

4 arms trade
malaise and fatigue

14 freezing arms
lack of understanding for the needs of others

37 cover your arms
imagination and romance

63 lay down arms
vain imaginings

17 scratched arms
fear of deceit

63 sore arms
willing collaboration

60 present arms
strong annoyances

24 shake your arms
deceptions secrets

14 lift arms
increasing success

60 coat-of-arms

5 feel your arms
objectivity of judgment

22 twist arms
crisis of confidence

25 troops in arms
excesses to be avoided

72 ulcer arms
sound principles

78 caressing arms

23 Stake arms

5 cutting off arms

18 Suction arms

43 beaten on the arms

70 artificial arms

54 swollen arms

8 arms tied

53 arms without hands

19 crippled arms

86 crooked arms

2 arms cut

6 browning arms

24 weapon on a coat of arms
travel plans

23 feel pain in the arms
business will be interrupted

57 arms bigger than usual
riches that will be provided by a relative of yours

64 noble coat of arms
longing secret

22 papal coat of arms
wise judgment

55 farmstead flooded
possibility of detachment

7 elbow
frankness and spontaneity

61 injured elbow
false security

23 bandaged elbow
suffering durable

39 swollen elbow
bad speculation

11 broken elbow
adaptability to the environment

76 outbreak of firearms
business thwarted

38 be at the ranch (farms)
joys ago Milestones

3 ulcer

70 have an ulcer
Pulse exaggerated

20 mouth ulcer
to keep secret

4 ulcer eye
need for caution

63 stomach ulcer
tiring commitments