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Turtle catch. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream turtle catch. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

turtle 78
Meaning of the dream: success in work

turtle dead 8
Description: obstinacy and malice

turtle bracelet 64
Interpretation of the dream: love match

turtle pipe 50
Translation: long period of opposition

rimmed glasses turtle 82
Dream description: prospects happy

sea ​​turtle 36
Meaning: economic security

catch fruit 5
Translation of the dream: good earnings

hatching turtle 80
Interpretation: windfall gains

see the turtle 12
Sense of the dream: lack of prudence

eat the turtle 85
What does it mean: earned success

top box turtle 84
Meaning of the dream: serene thoughts

parsley catch 43
Description: Deception submitted

range of turtle 67
Interpretation of the dream: maturation of projects

catch thieves 24
Translation: momentary embarrassment

catch animals 53
Dream description: concerns

catch frogs 18
Meaning: useful and fruitful exchange of ideas

fig catch 29
Translation of the dream: news like

catch word 8
Interpretation: ambitions to curb

to catch 7
Sense of the dream: patience

see catch fish 4
What does it mean: children in poor health or dumb

catch fish in the ice 24
Meaning of the dream: someone is hindering

catch red-handed 49
Description: precipitous actions

tortoiseshell button 6
Interpretation of the dream: You have patience

rat catching 62
Translation: wounded pride

capture fox 54
Dream description: advances and protections

capture nightingale 21
Meaning: delight

catch 70
Translation of the dream: patience

capture scorpion 17
Interpretation: important clarifications

capturing a military 1
Sense of the dream: good luck

capture reptile 47
What does it mean: confusion and doubts

paretaio To catch birds 23
Meaning of the dream: land with nets to catch birds

catch a tuna 39
Description: new emotional ties

catch a bird 33
Interpretation of the dream: next trip

catch a chicken 26
Translation: losses

catch a parrot 64
Dream description: business not serious

catch the reindeer 73
Meaning: change of position

catch a mouse 70
Translation of the dream: skills in business

catch a squirrel 5
Interpretation: good friendships

catch a crook 68
Sense of the dream: gossip of neighbors

catch the butterfly 41
What does it mean: fickle affections

catch a beaver 43
Meaning of the dream: contrasts in family

catch a mullet 9
Description: profits and joys

catch a heron 70
Interpretation of the dream: being conquered

catch a thief 49
Translation: craftiness

catch a gecko 84
Dream description: small problems

catch big fish 33
Meaning: joy and profit

catch a trout 46
Translation of the dream: luck with money

catch a giraffe 26
Interpretation: ideals are not always brought to conclusion

catch a dragonfly 55
Sense of the dream: someone will hinder

catch a fly 50
What does it mean: you will not suffer unjust accusations

aquarium with turtles 35
Meaning of the dream: success in work

capturing moose 7
Description: lack of vitality

catching flies 22
Interpretation of the dream: conciliatory character

capturing a swarm 75
Translation: remorse for wrongdoing

catch a fish 17
Dream description: good health

capturing a farmer 1
Meaning: luck in business