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Regain memory. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream regain memory. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

regain memory 89
Meaning of the dream: you managed to overcome a conflict

regain freedom 81
Description: excessive pride

regain confidence 14
Interpretation of the dream: clear days

regain friendship 85
Translation: situation to be resolved

regain protections 69
Dream description: trouble passing

delete from memory 26
Meaning: understanding from superiors

counting memory 25
Translation of the dream: alternatives and doubts

blurred memory 83
Interpretation: need for adaptation

outrage to the memory 60
Sense of the dream: imprudent initiatives

desecrate a memory 80
What does it mean: serious dangers

painful memory 35
Meaning of the dream: frankness and generosity

receive a memory 6
Description: relations in danger

give a memory 27
Interpretation of the dream: need saving

lose memory 66
Translation: painful memories

venerate a memory 35
Dream description: aids and facilities

losing memory 64
Meaning: there s something you want to forget

album of memories 66
Translation of the dream: understanding in love

commemoration 2
Interpretation: successful business

commemoration of the dead 78
Sense of the dream: successful business

commemoration of the war dead 2
What does it mean: generous efforts


attend a commemoration 9
Meaning of the dream: consolation and assistance

surround a memories 3
Description: unnecessary fears

compose a memorial 83
Interpretation of the dream: accusation

Memorial 9
Translation: sadness and evil

book of memories 35
Dream description: lack of confidence in their abilities

commemorative plaque 32
Meaning: melancholy and depression

regained speech 8

place of memories 4

memorable 31

Memorial Pope 50

memorial of the king 1

memorial to Bishop 10