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Turnip top. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream turnip top. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

turnip fodder 87
Meaning of the dream: creative energy

wild turnip 4
Description: quarrels with relatives

defame a top 14
Interpretation of the dream: illness of a friend

top haughty 87
Translation: wishes that come true

top submissive 18
Dream description: proof of confidence

top with vegetation 11
Meaning: good agreement in family

top with animals 9
Translation of the dream: health recovery

top 1
Interpretation: embarrassment in the family

get on a top 8
Sense of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

top box turtle 84
What does it mean: serene thoughts

tree top 6
Meaning of the dream: Good news coming

congratulate the top 2
Description: happiness next

bow to the top 32
Interpretation of the dream: you re too obsequious

spinning top 5
Translation: embarrassment in the family

cook turnips 17
Dream description: melancholy passing

top box with jewelry 57
Meaning: certain damage

a table top of alabaster 27
Translation of the dream: danger of falling

top athlete 87
Interpretation: need advice

turnips 51
Sense of the dream: good deal

eat turnips 9
What does it mean: new business

cut turnips 78
Meaning of the dream: ambitious aspirations

top of a mountain 90
Description: economic benefits

turnips market 5
Interpretation of the dream: decisive action

turnips in the field 67
Translation: sustainable prosperity

reach the top 17
Dream description: gifts on arrival

avalanche rushes from the mountain top 63
Meaning: need for caution

see or eat turnips 10
Translation of the dream: hopes ill-founded

eat turnips or other herbs 2
Interpretation: revelations of hidden things and quarrels with domestic

buy turnips 86
Sense of the dream: excellent chance

plane high 70
What does it mean: good friendships

extract from the earth turnips 15
Meaning of the dream: foresight

above 49
Description: you will have small sorrows

cooked swede 12
Interpretation of the dream: joyfulness

talk to Superior 80
Translation: issues to be determined

swede vegetable 35
Dream description: do you treasure the experience of others

swede soup 39
Meaning: awards undeserved

broccoli rabe 71
Translation of the dream: good health

recourse to a superior 20
Interpretation: complex to be overcome

Superior severe 41
Sense of the dream: support and encouragement

falling from above 56
What does it mean: small physical ailments

superior 72
Meaning of the dream: disillusionment

Superior of a college 24
Description: apprehensions secret

Superior of a kindergarten 23
Interpretation of the dream: interesting events

blackmail a superior 19
Translation: authorities countered

be a superior 10
Dream description: hidden desires

obey a superior 7
Meaning: slowdown in

report to a superior 58
Translation of the dream: good cooperation

dissatisfy a superior 24
Interpretation: intrigue discovered

mock a superior 38
Sense of the dream: Late repentance

disobeying a superior 2
What does it mean: gradual improvement

pass over the ditch 29
Meaning of the dream: deception

meet with a superior 19
Description: aid from above

mustard above the table 82
Interpretation of the dream: bickering and dispute

upper monastery 3
Translation: activities lucky

higher order 28
Dream description: imprudent words

an amiable upper 70
Meaning: disloyalty of friend

a higher selfless 36
Translation of the dream: speculation guess

lowering the upper 19
Interpretation: impulsiveness and nervousness

contact an upper 17
Sense of the dream: excessive confidentiality