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Embark with their children. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream embark with their children. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

embark with their children 43
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

abandon their children 65
Description: next sorrows

embark with lover 76
Interpretation of the dream: reassuring news

see the feet of their children 5
Translation: you will have great sorrows

embark for foreign 88
Dream description: loss rather serious

punish their children 50
Meaning: exaggerated emotionality

educate their children 77
Translation of the dream: intuitions

embark 67
Interpretation: joy, luck, possible novelties

embark summer 76
Sense of the dream: economic well-being

embark animals 59
What does it mean: sacrifices rewarded

embark with friends 83
Meaning of the dream: sadness of love

mourned by his children 74
Description: impediments to relatives

embark wine 18
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

send their children in the colony 27
Translation: pension and savings

widower with children 38
Dream description: possibility of losses

embark winter 3
Meaning: moment of personal growth

animal with children 38
Translation of the dream: exaggerated optimism

embrace your children 5
Interpretation: news reserved

embark bicycles 30
Sense of the dream: good health

embark potatoes 37
What does it mean: complicated situation

embark explosive 20
Meaning of the dream: social climbing social

wrangle with children 84
Description: self-confidence

kissing with children 12
Interpretation of the dream: useful meetings

embark meat 6
Translation: domestic burglary

eagle with children 28
Dream description: poverty and need

hyena with children 41
Meaning: presence of unfair friendships

altercation with children 84
Translation of the dream: coherence in

donkey with children 29
Interpretation: offense to forget

dinner with the children 48
Sense of the dream: encouraging results

bigamist with children 74
What does it mean: vain hopes

married with children 69
Meaning of the dream: Your judgments are weighted

serve with children 19
Description: visits like

nurse with children 56
Interpretation of the dream: faithful love

joke with children 56
Translation: tense affair

monkey with children 34
Dream description: happy hours

hovel with children 90
Meaning: passing clouds

stop with children 12
Translation of the dream: delicate flavors

carriage with children 9
Interpretation: favored career

refectory with children 6
Sense of the dream: small losses

priest with children 37
What does it mean: Understanding affective

balcony with children 19
Meaning of the dream: lost affections

nun with children 84
Description: obstacles to be faced

terrace with children 19
Interpretation of the dream: lost affections

courtyard with children 52
Translation: requited love

veranda with children 19
Dream description: business in crisis

patience with children 82
Meaning: high hopes

living with children 74
Translation of the dream: friendships

children disturbed in their games 36
Interpretation: It will be treated harshly

grumbling with children 20
Sense of the dream: trust in others

orphanage with few children 59
What does it mean: Unexpected aid