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Try rolling. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream try rolling. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Try spasms 18
Meaning of the dream: confidences false

rolling on the grass 17
Description: good relations

try a find 68
Interpretation of the dream: poor adaptation to the environment

try stockings 29
Translation: good omen

try the razor 73
Dream description: ambiguous friendships

try a horror 9
Meaning: mishaps travel

rolling in the sand 11
Translation of the dream: finally some news you've been waiting for a long time

Try spasms for pain 62
Interpretation: sacrifices rewarded

Try spasms for love 40
Sense of the dream: confidences false

Try spasms for disease 84
What does it mean: unfounded fears

try emotion 14
Meaning of the dream: dangerous illusions

try the skirt 76
Description: overreact

try a horse 24
Interpretation of the dream: passion and ambition

try lipstick 59
Translation: union inconstant

try a dress 20
Dream description: shyness and discretion

try repugnance 34
Meaning: harsh discipline

try embarrassment 22
Translation of the dream: concrete proposals

roll in the mud 16
Interpretation: painful injustice

try a car 63
Sense of the dream: to avoid disputes

try again 50
What does it mean: oath of love

roll 37
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated pride

try a comedy 80
Description: nervousness and difficulty

Despite try 58
Interpretation of the dream: spirit of domination

try a remedy 77
Translation: unexpected proposal

roll in the snow 8
Dream description: favors denied

roll down stairs 22
Meaning: mild illness

try many berries 28
Translation of the dream: you always have to overcome obstacles

roll a boulder 38
Interpretation: use your potentials so dangerous

nun who tries 39
Sense of the dream: dangerous enemies

try disgust 34
What does it mean: Secret Adventures

try on a coat 46
Meaning of the dream: sudden change

roll up the sheets 5
Description: love of neighbor

rolling pin 2
Interpretation of the dream: unattainable desires

ball rolling 37
Translation: events overwhelm you

devil tries 31
Dream description: lack of reflection

try 19
Meaning: Late regrets

roll up the carpet 28
Translation of the dream: maturation of projects

failed attempt 38
Interpretation: You will suffer a defeat

see the ball roll 2
Sense of the dream: dualism embarrassing

to deal 75
What does it mean: harmony in everything

roll out a contract 46
Meaning of the dream: programs to be fixed

treat women 31
Description: complacency about themselves

ride upwind 13
Interpretation of the dream: ambition and boldness

treat animals 90
Translation: reason

treat a topic 51
Dream description: personality complex

treat a deal 13
Meaning: reliable information

treat with a prince 77
Translation of the dream: safety and benefits

seek employment 72
Interpretation: to overcome grievances

seek recovery 10
Sense of the dream: contrasts secrets

seek portfolio 14
What does it mean: momentary embarrassment

looking for a needle 43
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and nervousness

seek their fortune 43
Description: goals not too far away

seek mercy 24
Interpretation of the dream: Unexpected gifts