Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

search flea

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: search flea

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8 search flea
you yourself go in into trouble

9 flea

79 having flea on him
mild illness

90 see flea
you are afraid that you do gossip about you

31 have flea
you re living a bad situation

23 flea jumping
sorrows and troubles

49 Flea beds
crisis of discouragement

74 crush the flea
excellent results

38 eat flea
You encounter many obstacles

9 flea in his ear
a sudden doubt will assail

42 search for

17 search
repressed desires

87 search keys
love for novelty

74 People search
hasty judgments

56 search the pockets
floating assets

8 search a house
repressed desires

10 an office search
disagree with superiors

71 search a man
uncertainty as to overcome

12 search a woman
impediments and delays

47 search for an object
imaginative wishes

74 search for a person
judgments little goals

1 search for thieves
heavy duty

49 search for a family
brilliant location

50 search for the father

32 search for the mother
creative spirit

78 search for brother
incoming correspondence

28 search for a friend
supports important

22 search for an escaped convict
Danger averted

60 taming fleas

60 teach fleas
betrayal of love

8 kennel with fleas
nervous tension

48 disgusting insects fleas lice bedbugs
gold and silver in abundance

63 magician who searches the stars
realization of hopes

42 to research
imaginative wishes

74 kill fleas
silence those who do you harm