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Torn banknotes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream torn banknotes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

crumple banknotes 25
Meaning of the dream: lies

see out the brand new banknotes 77
Description: Traveling with danger fast and inherent dangers

torn sheets 56
Interpretation of the dream: risks inadvisable

torn sheet 41
Translation: intolerance of others

mannequins torn 31
Dream description: loss of use

lose banknote 18
Meaning: It will hurt business

fake bills 71
Translation of the dream: serious difficulties

coat torn 25
Interpretation: egocentrism exaggerated

linen torn 11
Sense of the dream: unjustified suspicions

undershirt torn 67
What does it mean: position ensured

cassock torn 51
Meaning of the dream: boredom, fatigue

torn envelope 24
Description: great activities

torn curtain 20
Interpretation of the dream: ties secrets

foil torn 43
Translation: passionate character

page torn 43
Dream description: your riches are set to increase

trousers unstitched 48
Meaning: unfounded jealousy

ticket wishes 36
Translation of the dream: sociability reciprocated

coupon torn 38
Interpretation: good cooperation

National banknote 38
Sense of the dream: you are a traditionalist

find the banknote 6
What does it mean: fortune

tram driver that gives tickets 84
Meaning of the dream: new emotional ties

school notes 19
Description: difficulty

work notes 7
Interpretation of the dream: considered judgments

write musical notes 27
Translation: good agreement with friends

tattered blanket 87
Dream description: sentimental conquests

planing cherry 18
Meaning: your future interesting

ticket collector 26
Translation of the dream: sadness jealousy

cash machine 44
Interpretation: feeling of not being understood

tatters 63
Sense of the dream: ill-intentioned people

burned paper 27
What does it mean: boring meetings

marking tickets 90
Meaning of the dream: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

cash 14
Description: financial worries

paper bag 67
Interpretation of the dream: vivid imagination

a thousand leaves 3
Translation: plot foiled

forgery of bills 58
Dream description: offer sage advice

paper fan 47
Meaning: sensitive issue of work

sheet of paper 35
Translation of the dream: heredity

chapped lips 3
Interpretation: health hazard

white tatters 21
Sense of the dream: quiet life

cash books 16
What does it mean: unhappy love

coin 58
Meaning of the dream: concerns

raking leaves 43
Description: sadness and melancholy

currency 26
Interpretation of the dream: concerns

monetary arrested 75
Translation: reckless appreciations

shuffle the cards 14
Dream description: passing infatuation

papier mache bust 4
Meaning: creative spirit

cash bills 26
Translation of the dream: malicious slander

sheaf of papers 35
Interpretation: change activity

cash vault 85
Sense of the dream: that appearances are deceiving

find coins 28
What does it mean: encouragement valid

monetary sentenced 84
Meaning of the dream: dangerous follies

trump playing cards 19
Description: friendly meetings

heaping dry leaves 83
Interpretation of the dream: you sighted

see coin 27
Translation: projects lenses work

gold currency 89
Dream description: wrong thoughts and opinions

foreign currency 24
Meaning: you regret the past

coin found 33
Translation of the dream: successful combination

heap green leaves 74
Interpretation: attention to the evil enemies

bonfire of leaves 46
Sense of the dream: recriminations later

cash bank 58
What does it mean: grief for relatives