Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

crumple chestnuts

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: crumple chestnuts

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38 crumple chestnuts
happy future

12 crumple up
lucky in love

35 crumple paper
satisfaction and money

16 crumple fruit
good business

27 crumple sugar
Deception woman

32 crumple coffee
new knowledge

59 crumple sweets
unjust accusations

31 crumple legumes
discontent in family

46 crumple raisins
little fights

35 crumple bread
friendships safe

17 crumple fish
hopes dashed

25 crumple banknotes

26 crumple leaves

37 crumple fresh grapes

28 chestnuts
luck and win in each case

35 smoked chestnuts

60 to roast the chestnuts
revenge satisfied

40 boil chestnuts
wise reflections

60 bag of chestnuts
good business

78 boiled chestnuts
coherence in

31 roasted chestnuts
satisfactions and gains

75 dried chestnuts
resistance to work

61 fresh chestnuts
exceptional news

6 buy chestnuts
unnecessary waiting

39 sell chestnuts
readiness to act

60 eat chestnuts
economic benefits

16 peel chestnuts
events pleased

48 pan for chestnuts
thwarted love

62 drying chestnuts
bad speculations

27 shell chestnuts
good health

36 36 - Smorfia classic: chestnuts

37 chestnut
Traveling with benefits

90 cake made with chestnut flour
good news

38 be under a chestnut tree

16 chestnut flour
indecision about what to do

68 curly chestnut
melancholy passing

21 crumpling the newspaper
nervousness accentuated

35 crumpling the handkerchief
altruism and generosity

16 chestnut seller
nostalgic dreams