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Tireless in speaking. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tireless in speaking. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tireless in speaking 51
Meaning of the dream: successes

tireless in walking 8
Description: embarrassing choice

tireless in the game 39
Interpretation of the dream: great recognition and benefits

tireless in eating 2
Translation: ingratitude of children

tireless in reading 24
Dream description: short trip

tireless drinking 6
Meaning: strong will

tireless writing 5
Translation of the dream: you recognize yourself your trespasses

tireless study 38
Interpretation: intolerance of others

tireless work 66
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

refrain from speaking 62
What does it mean: repressed feelings

mode of speaking 50
Meaning of the dream: painful injustice

parrot speaking 8
Description: thoughts and concerns

tireless 60
Interpretation of the dream: your luck at most

speaking abbey 61
Translation: envies

speak in jargon 50
Dream description: you need to let off steam with a person

Magpie speaking 74
Meaning: misunderstanding between spouses

Giraffe speaking 36
Translation of the dream: message of your subconscious

talk to god 40
Interpretation: prosperity and well-being

talk to Jew 30
Sense of the dream: deception and lies of friends, from which you can defend yourself if you ll be careful

talk to goalkeeper 40
What does it mean: tension in the family

talk to the deaf 57
Meaning of the dream: bitter disappointment

talk to Superior 80
Description: issues to be determined

talk to the policeman 19
Interpretation of the dream: advice to give

talk to Jews 30
Translation: deception and lies

speak with the devil 56
Dream description: danger of scams

talk to the servant 62
Meaning: social renewal

talk to an enemy 77
Translation of the dream: dissension in the family

talk to animals 47
Interpretation: danger of leakage

talk to mummy 79
Sense of the dream: try to talk to someone who does not want to hear

talk to the accountant 53
What does it mean: intrigue hidden

ancestor speaking 47
Meaning of the dream: industrious recognized

talk to a monsignor 44
Description: Luckily the person you love

talk to a stutterer 19
Interpretation of the dream: surprises and novelties

talk to the commissioner 7
Translation: sudden changes

talk to the rector 38
Dream description: comforting news

talk to the writer 7
Meaning: ambition

talk to a peasant 6
Translation of the dream: attitudes secrets

talk to Colonel 42
Interpretation: complicated business that are fixed

ashamed to talk 3
Sense of the dream: valuable tips to follow

talk to the sergeant 5
What does it mean: nervous tension

talk to an officer 20
Meaning of the dream: job performance

talk to a wild 60
Description: You try to understand a person who does not esteem

talk to the Pope 90
Interpretation of the dream: clarification of issues

talk to a gentleman 85
Translation: joyfulness

talk to a yokel 75
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

talk to an idiot 77
Meaning: favorable changes

talk to an admiral 46
Translation of the dream: consistency in decisions

talk to the mother 16
Interpretation: happy omen

talk to a celebrity 8
Sense of the dream: end of love

talk to the money lender 5
What does it mean: meetings compromising

christ speaking 14
Meaning of the dream: change of position

talk to jesus christ 32
Description: hopes and consolations