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Ticket search. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ticket search. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ticket 29
Meaning of the dream: beginning of a new path

ticket for 7
Description: activities discontinuous

search for 42
Interpretation of the dream: torments

search 17
Translation: repressed desires

ticket loving 22
Dream description: concerns unjustified

ticket wishes 36
Meaning: sociability reciprocated

lottery ticket 11
Translation of the dream: Failure in negotiations

bank ticket 90
Interpretation: imagination unreal

theater ticket 41
Sense of the dream: sensitivity of mind

tram ticket 81
What does it mean: happy marriage

train ticket 66
Meaning of the dream: tasks performed

ticket inspector 28
Description: lack of skills in business

present a ticket 42
Interpretation of the dream: important commitments

season ticket 45

ticket collector 26

ticket office 32

academy ticket 38

charity ticket 72

cinema ticket 81

fake ticket 90

search keys 87
Meaning of the dream: love for novelty

People search 74
Description: hasty judgments

search the pockets 56
Interpretation of the dream: floating assets

search a house 8
Translation: repressed desires

an office search 10
Dream description: disagree with superiors

search a man 71
Meaning: uncertainty as to overcome

search a woman 12
Translation of the dream: impediments and delays

search for an object 47
Interpretation: imaginative wishes

search for a person 74
Sense of the dream: judgments little goals

search for thieves 1
What does it mean: heavy duty

search for a family 49
Meaning of the dream: brilliant location

search for the father 50
Description: fortitude

search for the mother 32
Interpretation of the dream: creative spirit

search for brother 78
Translation: incoming correspondence

search for a friend 28
Dream description: supports important

search flea 8
Meaning: you yourself go in into trouble

search for an escaped convict 22
Translation of the dream: Danger averted

magician who searches the stars 63
Interpretation: realization of hopes

to research 42
Sense of the dream: imaginative wishes

tram driver that gives tickets 84
What does it mean: new emotional ties

bloodhound searching 27

marking tickets 90