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The king of spain. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the king of spain. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

king 76
Meaning of the dream: harbinger of doom

be the king 89
Description: discovery of deceit

King old 18
Interpretation of the dream: major gains

go with King 90
Translation: justified criticism

acclaim the King 8
Dream description: impulsive passions

election of the king 61
Meaning: propitious days

King on throne 90
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

King Balcony 50
Interpretation: bitter disappointment

king with the crown 21
Sense of the dream: good business

King with the court 11
What does it mean: advantageous possibilities

King with Queen 63
Meaning of the dream: business that are successful

King carriage 22
Description: willingness decided

king who abdicates 80
Interpretation of the dream: tests and commitments

dead king 17
Translation: to overcome prejudices

Young King 25
Dream description: contemptuous attitudes

good king 10
Meaning: Useful relations

tyrant king 47
Translation of the dream: overcome adversity

bombing of the King 30
Interpretation: excessive authoritarianism

king of hearts 25
Sense of the dream: lust for life

King of swords 7
What does it mean: interesting journey

King of clubs 43
Meaning of the dream: adaptability

king of diamonds 71
Description: speculation profitable

altercation with the king 40
Interpretation of the dream: problems in love

Admiral with the king 90
Translation: sadness passing

favorite of King 78
Dream description: instincts to control

memorial of the king 1
Meaning: enthusiasm for good news

halberdier the king 36
Translation of the dream: exceptional strength

king who flees 28
Interpretation: good intuition

chess king 59
Sense of the dream: you feel master of your destiny

King in jail 66
What does it mean: still work

king cast 34
Meaning of the dream: you are plagued by dark thoughts and sad

nuptial ring king 30
Description: obstacles in the profession

barking 79
Interpretation of the dream: in your circle are sycophants who will prove to be false friends

their dog barking 5
Translation: help from someone close

near de dog barking 78
Dream description: request accepted

a dog barking unknown 70
Meaning: threat of danger

barking of a watchdog 20
Translation of the dream: good news

barking that bothers 54
Interpretation: loss of protection

barking day 34
Sense of the dream: contrariness

barking at night 20
What does it mean: small waiver

barking at the moon 48
Meaning of the dream: protection

speaking abbey 61
Description: envies

stroking wife 54
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty

stroking an enemy 12
Translation: happiness contrasted

stroking a cat 47
Dream description: concerns

stacking furniture 41
Meaning: heavy duty

stacking boxes 34
Translation of the dream: problems tiring

stacking chairs 82
Interpretation: prosperity