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Tennis court drew. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream tennis court drew. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Tennis court 59
Meaning of the dream: respond quickly

tennis ball 9
Description: uncertain business success

game of tennis 68
Interpretation of the dream: good health

tennis 74
Translation: changes and the need to establish

tennis championship 18
Dream description: evidence of sympathy

see Tennis 24
Meaning: career advancement

national tennis 41
Translation of the dream: enmity with friends

amateur tennis 42
Interpretation: unexpected overtime

tennis rackets 25
Sense of the dream: courage and firmness

table tennis 89
What does it mean: misunderstandings and mishaps

tennis player 33
Meaning of the dream: You want a carefree view

ping-pong (table tennis) 49
Description: joyfulness

table tennis rackets 18
Interpretation of the dream: ambiguous behavior

Sports field 13
Translation: disagreements in the family

warrior on the field 53
Dream description: less arrogance and more humility

devil drawn 56
Meaning: slim consolation

cricket ground 5
Translation of the dream: problems to be addressed

minefield 8
Interpretation: themes to be betrayed

field bean 39
Sense of the dream: nervousness to avoid

battlefield 31
What does it mean: jealousies unnecessary

potato field 1
Meaning of the dream: excellent results

strawberry field 10
Description: balance conquered

court 3
Interpretation of the dream: simplicity

across a field 35
Translation: unexpected economic entry

field peas 46
Dream description: need for caution

mow a field 8
Meaning: worrying situation

wheat field 42
Translation of the dream: jealousies unnecessary

flax field 60
Interpretation: good news

clover field 32
Sense of the dream: original ideas

field of oats 34
What does it mean: lightness in speech

field aide 18
Meaning of the dream: right insights

plowed field 62
Description: uncontrolled reactions

watering a field 66
Interpretation of the dream: good business

beans in the field 21
Translation: tenacious rancor

pass a field 3
Dream description: things to come

dig a field 7
Meaning: physical balance

field of artichokes 60
Translation of the dream: patience with the young

potatoes in the field 82
Interpretation: happy hours and serene

uncultivated field 23
Sense of the dream: patience with the young

field of flowers 81
What does it mean: intuition safe

melon field 80
Meaning of the dream: lucky breaks

flooded field 30
Description: patience with the children

field altar 11
Interpretation of the dream: violent incidents

magistrates Court 5
Translation: small gains

magnetic field 18
Dream description: new hope

scuttle a field 16
Meaning: tenacity in work

Flood a field 32
Translation of the dream: economic hardship

turnips in the field 67
Interpretation: sustainable prosperity

hoeing the field 35
Sense of the dream: clashes of views with your loved one

concentration camp 39
What does it mean: evolution in action

farmer in the field 25
Meaning of the dream: material successes

field tent 19
Description: Understanding sentimental

palisade of field 50
Interpretation of the dream: ability to exploit

designed puppet 48
Translation: physical fatigue

Field lupins 43
Dream description: you ll have to struggle with the need