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Tennis court. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Tennis court. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Tennis court 59
Meaning of the dream: respond quickly

tennis 74
Description: changes and the need to establish

see Tennis 24
Interpretation of the dream: career advancement

tennis ball 9
Translation: uncertain business success

national tennis 41
Dream description: enmity with friends

game of tennis 68
Meaning: good health

tennis championship 18
Translation of the dream: evidence of sympathy

amateur tennis 42
Interpretation: unexpected overtime

tennis rackets 25
Sense of the dream: courage and firmness

table tennis 89
What does it mean: misunderstandings and mishaps

table tennis rackets 18
Meaning of the dream: ambiguous behavior

tennis player 33
Description: You want a carefree view

ping-pong (table tennis) 49
Interpretation of the dream: joyfulness

court 3
Translation: simplicity

magistrates Court 5
Dream description: small gains

Assize Court 82
Meaning: suffer losses

civil court 79
Translation of the dream: presence of mind

hole of the court 55
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

court hearing in court 60
Sense of the dream: economic achievements

wear slippers 81
What does it mean: to suffer humiliation

Greek pitch 80
Meaning of the dream: satisfactions from work

playground 33
Description: small misunderstandings in love

court hearing 44
Interpretation of the dream: career advancement

short trip 9
Translation: opposition passing

gridiron with cutlet 1
Dream description: success in love

short fight 43
Meaning: Protection valid and safe

short name 53
Translation of the dream: indiscretion of a friend

short route 80
Interpretation: critically

short maturity 8
Sense of the dream: personal progress

shawl short 12
What does it mean: unfortunate love

court usher 71
Meaning of the dream: contrasts boring

short silver 25
Description: confidence poorly rewarded

deer running 44
Interpretation of the dream: intuition in business

Criminal Court 22
Translation: Decision to be taken

cudgel short 68
Dream description: arrogance and conceit

short neck 90
Meaning: misplaced trust

appeal court 34
Translation of the dream: lack of generosity

military court 12
Interpretation: recognized merit

special court 47
Sense of the dream: gossip and criticism

short 60
What does it mean: suffering

resorting to court 6
Meaning of the dream: heavy commitments

short of gold 33
Description: excessive impressionability

court chaplain 72
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

clerk of court 75
Translation: support and assistance

court of cassation 61
Dream description: concerns

princely court 25
Meaning: Success in business

uncultivated field 23
Translation of the dream: patience with the young

court document 65
Interpretation: apprehension for a bargain

lawyer in court 40
Sense of the dream: serious efforts

witness in court 64
What does it mean: According to the elderly

thief in court 27
Meaning of the dream: desire for solitude

go to court 2
Description: coldness and mistrust

appear in court 58
Interpretation of the dream: adjustment of contrast

plowed field 62
Translation: uncontrolled reactions

minefield 8
Dream description: themes to be betrayed

judge in court 50
Meaning: good luck