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Teeth that fall dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream teeth that fall dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

comb missing teeth 18
Meaning of the dream: fill in a complex situation

long teeth 38
Description: depression and melancholy

clean teeth 70
Interpretation of the dream: good new home

splice teeth 44
Translation: missed opportunity

sick of teeth 5
Dream description: marriage, inheritance, profitable business

rip off your teeth 26
Meaning: collapse of your security

rising teeth 35
Translation of the dream: sudden obstacle

black teeth 14
Interpretation: external protection

teeth hurt 41
Sense of the dream: postponements and delays

fake teeth 35
What does it mean: lack of sincerity

Fluxion of teeth 35
Meaning of the dream: attention to the coming dangers

beautiful teeth 35
Description: gradual improvement

perfect teeth 88
Interpretation of the dream: travel plans

bad teeth 20
Translation: misunderstandings in family

Yellow teeth 56
Dream description: loss of relatives or friends

brush your teeth 1
Meaning: donations from relatives

teeth of animals 90
Translation of the dream: good health

eradicate more teeth 33
Interpretation: difficult situations

cut with teeth 16
Sense of the dream: threat of damage

white teeth 1
What does it mean: lucky fate

rake without teeth 80
Meaning of the dream: lost happiness

comb with all teeth 30
Description: business difficult to solve

false teeth 32
Interpretation of the dream: professional problems

panther dead 38
Translation: dissimulation

headache of teeth 90
Dream description: disease

brush for teeth 10
Meaning: emotional bonds to strengthen

tooth comb 87
Translation of the dream: contrasts to overcome

gunner dead 67
Interpretation: prosperity

vulture dead 31
Sense of the dream: concessions to do

conspired dead 87
What does it mean: collapse of a love

goldfinch dead 47
Meaning of the dream: disappointment passing

garland dead 16
Description: family trouble

orphaned dead 77
Interpretation of the dream: agitation and anxiety

smuggler dead 6
Translation: selfishness and greed

ostrich dead 81
Dream description: waste of energy

cur dead 26
Meaning: end of a concern

mullet dead 90
Translation of the dream: gossip and rumors

shank dead 53
Interpretation: diseases

meet dead 90
Sense of the dream: happy solutions

archpriest dead 76
What does it mean: healthy fear

Commodore dead 49
Meaning of the dream: pleasant novelty

halberdier dead 45
Description: small ailment

dresses dead 73
Interpretation of the dream: sad omen for future days

capon dead 48
Translation: agitated life

missal dead 22
Dream description: considerable losses

dodger dead 32
Meaning: overcome differences

asphyxiated dead 75
Translation of the dream: contrasts to overcome

financier dead 60
Interpretation: conclusions expectations

losing his false teeth 15
Sense of the dream: measures to be taken

combatant dead 49
What does it mean: hard times

octopus dead 48
Meaning of the dream: penis and breaks

talking between his teeth 24
Description: vanity wound

hawk dead 38
Interpretation of the dream: lies and slander

gunman dead 16
Translation: wish fulfillment

English dead 20
Dream description: economic improvements

eyed man dead 21
Meaning: betrayal of friends

old dead 34
Translation of the dream: next advantages

Abbess dead 33
Interpretation: reversal of fortune

eagle dead 70
Sense of the dream: loss of prestige