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Black teeth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream black teeth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

black teeth 14

beautiful teeth 35
Description: gradual improvement

perfect teeth 88

bad teeth 20
Translation: misunderstandings in family

teeth of animals 90
Dream description: good health

long teeth 38
Meaning: depression and melancholy

Yellow teeth 56
Translation of the dream: loss of relatives or friends

white teeth 1
Interpretation: lucky fate

teeth hurt 41
Sense of the dream: postponements and delays

fake teeth 35
What does it mean: lack of sincerity

clean teeth 70
Meaning of the dream: good new home

black shoes 81
Description: profitable activities

rip off your teeth 26
Interpretation of the dream: collapse of your security

comb missing teeth 18
Translation: fill in a complex situation

rake without teeth 80
Dream description: lost happiness

splice teeth 44

sick of teeth 5

brush your teeth 1
Interpretation: donations from relatives

black figs 90
Sense of the dream: Accept envy

eradicate more teeth 33
What does it mean: difficult situations

Fluxion of teeth 35

false teeth 32
Description: professional problems

black lashes 27
Interpretation of the dream: risky business

black goats 27
Translation: brief illness or minor success

black bottle 43

rising teeth 35

black blouse 48

cut with teeth 16
Interpretation: threat of damage

hair black 7
Sense of the dream: contacts to resume

teeth 4
What does it mean: symbol of sexual power

losing his false teeth 15
Meaning of the dream: measures to be taken

black strings 66
Description: sick passenger

black olives 12
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing reports

black yarn 25
Translation: rules to be respected

comb with all teeth 30
Dream description: business difficult to solve

black tie 50
Meaning: waivers necessary

black waistcoat 18
Translation of the dream: misgivings

black sideburns 81
Interpretation: you are arrogant

tooth comb 87
Sense of the dream: contrasts to overcome

black flag 59

black bowl 24

black robe 32
Description: need for choice

brush for teeth 10
Interpretation of the dream: emotional bonds to strengthen

black earth 14
Translation: melancholy and depression

black goat 22
Dream description: ties in danger

black race 20
Meaning: anxiety

headache of teeth 90
Translation of the dream: disease

talking between his teeth 24
Interpretation: vanity wound

black feathers 80
Sense of the dream: danger of leakage

black clouds 2
What does it mean: concerns

gloves blacks 15
Meaning of the dream: Unexpected failure

eyes blacks 43
Description: business complex to be solved

truffles blacks 90
Interpretation of the dream: clarification difficult

black umbrella 63
Translation: referrals required

black ink 52

black bonnet 63
Meaning: bad reputation

black chapel 28

black wig 43
Interpretation: little practical sense

black rabbit 45
Sense of the dream: disagreement with a friend

dark hair 3
What does it mean: differences in family

black stocking 9
Meaning of the dream: bad speculations

black scarf 11
Description: unforeseen expenses