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Teacher dead speaking. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream teacher dead speaking. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

speaking abbey 61
Meaning of the dream: envies

ancestor speaking 47
Description: industrious recognized

christ speaking 14
Interpretation of the dream: change of position

devil speaking 80
Translation: forced separation

ghost speaking 35
Dream description: dangerous illusions

parrot speaking 8
Meaning: thoughts and concerns

skeleton speaking 82
Translation of the dream: open struggle in family

Mayor speaking 75
Interpretation: temporary irritation

speaking from a tribune 6
Sense of the dream: spiritual ideals

seer speaking 17
What does it mean: impossible dreams

frankly speaking 45

Magpie speaking 74

tireless in speaking 51

mode of speaking 50

refrain from speaking 62

properly speaking 48
Meaning: profits

Giraffe speaking 36
Translation of the dream: message of your subconscious

abhor evil speaking 61

teacher 49
Sense of the dream: uncertainties and fears because you do not feel up to the tasks, fear of judgments

be a teacher 39
What does it mean: slowness in decision


see their teacher 77
Meaning of the dream: goodness and fortune

a brutal teacher 72
Description: reduced activity

teacher's desk 66
Interpretation of the dream: safe location

be school teacher 16
Translation: quarrels that will end up in good

teacher explaining 50
Dream description: lack of support

teacher in classroom 67
Meaning: good overall performance

obey a teacher 80
Translation of the dream: support received

see teacher walking 68
Interpretation: good buys

school teacher 17
Sense of the dream: you earn with activity

teacher of mathematics 24
What does it mean: you have to be more rational

replicate the teacher 72
Meaning of the dream: pride and arrogance

school with teacher 18
Description: weak hopes

strict teacher 1
Interpretation of the dream: repressed feelings

replace a teacher 33
Translation: correspondence nice and pleasant

the abacus teacher 69

algebra teacher 60

Guitar teacher 62

Dance teacher 50
Interpretation: new lifelong friends

piano teacher 80

teacher of gymnastics 4

painting teacher 52

teacher of fencing 28

science teacher 33

healthy teacher 78

boy with teacher 65

high school teacher 79
Meaning: letters traveling

elementary school teacher 2
Translation of the dream: you still have to work hard to realize yourself

teacher teaches the pupils in the classroom 43
Interpretation: all it will be well at this time

dead 47
Sense of the dream: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

see a dead 90
What does it mean: serious concerns

be dead 10
Meaning of the dream: good health

see dead 57
Description: joy