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Gunner dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream gunner dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

gunner dead 67
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

gunner firing 79
Description: work well rewarded

gunner with women 27

gunner wounded 32
Translation: prudence with expenses

gunner in war 41
Dream description: vicious thoughts

gunner sentry 68
Meaning: success in studies

gunner suicide 51

vulture dead 31
Interpretation: concessions to do

conspired dead 87

goldfinch dead 47
What does it mean: disappointment passing

gunner who escapes 38

smuggler dead 6
Description: selfishness and greed

archpriest dead 76

be a gunner 34
Translation: Love at Large

asphyxiated dead 75

octopus dead 48
Meaning: penis and breaks

gunner in sentinel 7

gunner riding 33
Interpretation: excessive pride

hawk dead 38
Sense of the dream: lies and slander

English dead 20

Abbess dead 33
Meaning of the dream: reversal of fortune

gunner to the maneuvers 53

cicada dead 84
Interpretation of the dream: painful disappointments

driver dead 51
Translation: momentary misunderstandings

robber dead 22

hunchback dead 67

Archduke dead 16

orphaned dead 77

insurer dead 90

ostrich dead 81
What does it mean: waste of energy

Cardinal dead 29

Skylark dead 8

Lancer dead 61

Commodore dead 49

halberdier dead 45
Dream description: small ailment

capon dead 48

missal dead 22

dodger dead 32

financier dead 60
Sense of the dream: conclusions expectations

playing dead 56
What does it mean: dark period

gunman dead 16
Meaning of the dream: wish fulfillment

judge dead 63

eagle dead 70
Interpretation of the dream: loss of prestige

quail dead 15
Translation: misunderstanding

swallow dead 79
Dream description: treachery

Admiral dead 32

turtle dead 8
Translation of the dream: obstinacy and malice

suede dead 83
Interpretation: developments to let ripen

eyed man dead 21

Archbishop dead 87

grandson dead 26

convict dead 45

adorn dead 75

ambassador dead 24

garland dead 16
Dream description: family trouble

hole dead 45

herald dead 42

cleric dead 32

cur dead 26

mullet dead 90
What does it mean: gossip and rumors

shank dead 53
Meaning of the dream: diseases

meet dead 90

guillotine dead 56

Carmelite dead 19
Translation: sick passenger

Colonel dead 68
Dream description: failure

dresses dead 73
Meaning: sad omen for future days

cappuccino dead 56

Alpine dead 22

brother dead 58
Sense of the dream: good novelty

cop dead 19
What does it mean: financial failure

villain dead 73

Franciscan dead 60

combatant dead 49
Interpretation of the dream: hard times

lieutenant dead 13

acrobat dead 81
Dream description: no attempt was successful

owl dead 57
Meaning: victory over a rival

dead raised 18
Translation of the dream: future plans

rooster dead 67
Interpretation: anxieties and concerns

old dead 34
Sense of the dream: next advantages