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Tank forgotten. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tank forgotten. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tank 58
Meaning of the dream: anxiety and agitation

dirty tank 10
Description: disturbing thoughts

fill tank 37
Interpretation of the dream: excellent chance

clean the tank 83
Translation: New appointments

tank with oil 63
Dream description: head shots to avoid

tank leaking 4
Meaning: irritability and impatience

empty the tank 52
Translation of the dream: Bad news

stove tank 37
Interpretation: you ll have a great regret and you must leave home for a while

gas tank 81
Sense of the dream: fantasies to be regulated

fish in a glass tank 14
What does it mean: stasis in the affective

harmonium forgotten 39
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

harpsichord forgotten 32
Description: too your selfishness

fish tank 35
Interpretation of the dream: influential support

luggage forgotten 87
Translation: unbridled ambition

water tank 45
Dream description: protection possible

Mandolin forgotten 43
Meaning: tranquility in the family

empty tub 46
Translation of the dream: painful indecision

rim of the tank 23
Interpretation: hampered relations

love overlooked 53
Sense of the dream: passionate nostalgia

forget 25
What does it mean: little question to solve

fishpond 66
Meaning of the dream: some small obstacles

forget an order 47
Description: need of rest

forget an appointment 29
Interpretation of the dream: inner balance

forget ingredients 30
Translation: watch out for the unexpected that could harm

forget a pack 62
Dream description: stagnation in business

forget an object 74
Meaning: indifference to others

forget about the clock 46
Translation of the dream: indolence and selfishness

forget an address 28
Interpretation: practical spirit

forget your umbrella 44
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

forget prudence 85
What does it mean: be careful not to get involved in a risky business

forget the rest 66
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction by a young

forget a date 89
Description: love and well-being

forgetful 27
Interpretation of the dream: of tranquility desires

cistern 11
Translation: hardship, fear

empty cistern 31
Dream description: difficulties to be faced

full pot 8
Meaning: hopes

white undershirt 74
Translation of the dream: contempt of danger

tracked 15
Interpretation: desire to escape

military truck 9
Sense of the dream: fighting spirit positive

vats of water 63
What does it mean: moderation

fetched 53
Meaning of the dream: Unexpected Gift

make a mistake 86
Description: compromises dangerous

vest wool 39
Interpretation of the dream: Pulse wild

observed 28
Translation: someone was suspicious of you

myosotis (flower) 13
Dream description: good omen

fall into a cistern 45
Meaning: slanders and calumnies

killed exhibition 59
Translation of the dream: lifelong friends

son fled 17
Interpretation: you have to trust yourself

warrior killed 42
Sense of the dream: self-doubt

wasted effort 18
What does it mean: phlegmatic temperament

viaticum 33
Meaning of the dream: high hopes

convicted thief 62
Description: betrayed promises

American killed 62
Interpretation of the dream: small changes