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Funeral forgotten. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream funeral forgotten. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

luggage forgotten 87
Meaning of the dream: unbridled ambition

harpsichord forgotten 32

harmonium forgotten 39

Mandolin forgotten 43

go to a funeral 27
Dream description: sadness unjustified

funeral 55
Meaning: danger

funeral decorations 66
Translation of the dream: harmony

celebrate a funeral 19
Interpretation: unforeseen event

funeral wreath 27
Sense of the dream: unexpected visit

funeral procession 83
What does it mean: a firm resolve

funeral of a stranger 77
Meaning of the dream: slander, deaf scams

attend a funeral 39
Description: misfortune and pain

funeral of a relative 19
Interpretation of the dream: danger of disgrace

funeral for a friend 24
Translation: unforeseen event

Funeral Mass 53
Dream description: penis overcome

funeral orations 29
Meaning: important relationships

funeral wallpaper 90
Translation of the dream: abandonment of projects

funeral oration 5
Interpretation: You lose a friend

religious funeral 86
Sense of the dream: new energy

priest at a funeral 86
What does it mean: new energy

funeral service 84
Meaning of the dream: inner turmoil

funeral apparatus 73

funeral notice 31

Carmelite at a funeral 54

poor funeral 27

royal funeral 66

solemn funeral 9

day funeral 24

funeral elegy 38

pompous funeral 30

Tape funeral wreath 6
Meaning of the dream: Late remorse

parish priest at a funeral 86
Description: renewed vitality

funeral of a relative or close friend 4
Interpretation of the dream: honor wealth ance advantageous marriage

ornamental funerary 49
Translation: loyalty recognized