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Swim back. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream swim back. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

swim 11
Meaning of the dream: Face the difficulties of life by proceeding with ease

swim underwater 46
Description: great inner strength

swim against the tide 32
Interpretation of the dream: emotional instability

swim in the pool 9
Translation: physical discomfort

swim in competition with others 64
Dream description: difficult relationships

swim to save someone 87
Meaning: obstacles overcome

swim in the waves 78
Translation of the dream: you will overcome adversity

swim in clear water 79
Interpretation: Work serene

swim in water fast 13
Sense of the dream: dangerous actions

back away 61
What does it mean: Decision to be taken

get back 31
Meaning of the dream: opportunities to be exploited

go back 76
Description: heavy duty

back 47
Interpretation of the dream: Decision to be taken

come back 73
Translation: heavy duty

welcome back 40

cover your back 36
Meaning: increased security

back before the enemy 1
Translation of the dream: ticklish situation

back to fear 31
Interpretation: end business

back cowardice 18
Sense of the dream: quick decision

punches in the back 21
What does it mean: difficult relations

just back from exile 64
Meaning of the dream: impulsive actions

just back from a trip 4
Description: joys sentimental

back from an expedition 80
Interpretation of the dream: nice program to be carried out

give back 86
Translation: serenity and balance

get back from a pain 70
Dream description: happy reconciliation

back from vacation 70
Meaning: novelty in the family

back to the shore 42
Translation of the dream: reasoning controlled

warm up your back 4
Interpretation: ideas for change

back of man 38
Sense of the dream: disturbance of short duration

back of woman 82
What does it mean: emotional instability

donkey back 52
Meaning of the dream: new guidelines

back to horse 67
Description: personal prestige

scratch his back 25
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with co-workers

hit back 29
Translation: thoughts of revenge

having back trouble 76
Dream description: health concerns

back straight 46
Meaning: right choice

curved back 15
Translation of the dream: desire for freedom

go back home 49
Interpretation: good solutions

screw back 52
Sense of the dream: physical strength

turn your back 35
What does it mean: programs to be reviewed immediately

lower back 10

stab in the back 87

shearing back 40

back away at war 72

trace back 45

back shop 69

brought back 8
Translation of the dream: unnecessary fears