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Sweater female. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream sweater female. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cardigan 10
Meaning of the dream: would you have more confidence at work

wool sweater 9
Description: actions hampered

silk sweater 70
Interpretation of the dream: danger of deception

female offspring 67
Translation: healthy fear

female boarding school 41
Dream description: vindictive character

female choir 39
Meaning: obsessive jealousy

female school 29
Translation of the dream: search of freedom

female 22
Interpretation: vindictive character

female drivers 84
Sense of the dream: problems in love

female dead 39
What does it mean: joys of love

brunette female 44
Meaning of the dream: inconstant love

women's hood 38
Description: insights incorrect

beautiful female 31
Interpretation of the dream: desire for love

blond female 58
Translation: mutual understanding

female ugly 18
Dream description: jealousies and threads

rough pullover 18
Meaning: compromising entanglements

Animal Female 23
Translation of the dream: bad news

give birth to a female 28
Interpretation: sentimental successes

Cabinet with graceful female 4
Sense of the dream: marital separation

female singer 88
What does it mean: indiscreet revelations

dirty undershirt 37
Meaning of the dream: hard times

see herd of small and female deer 2
Description: wealth and fortune in proportion to their numbers

woman's voice 22
Interpretation of the dream: emotional states

good woman 82
Translation: vanity

Grand daughter 20
Dream description: missteps

dirty woman 51
Meaning: adventurous

bad woman 18
Translation of the dream: need for greater ease

ugly woman 50
Interpretation: uncertain situation

married woman 63
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

tall woman 36
What does it mean: dangerous trip

beautiful lady 89
Meaning of the dream: nervous tension

slapping a woman 51
Description: sentimental surprises

women's shoes 77
Interpretation of the dream: disagree with brothers

Women clothing 79
Translation: disagreements jealousy

cotton jacket for women 49
Dream description: difficult journey without earnings

see a woman in the swing 33
Meaning: concerns passing

sweaters 17
Translation of the dream: evils speeches

gallantry (dreamed by married woman) 7
Interpretation: inconstancy

girlish chatter 3
Sense of the dream: letter

undershirt torn 67
What does it mean: position ensured

undershirt wire 3
Meaning of the dream: jealousies harmful

sweatshirt fantasy 9
Description: laziness and dissatisfaction

colored sweatshirt 77
Interpretation of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

ambassadress 40
Translation: aid slow to arrive

baroness 71
Dream description: waiting for an important event to occur

saleswoman 7
Meaning: do not convince some friendships you

padded jacket 36
Translation of the dream: it takes more courage in life

outspoken woman 26
Interpretation: pleasant surprise

new jacket 16
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties

jacket old 50
What does it mean: seriousness of purpose

ladies watch 57
Meaning of the dream: desire for achievements

white waistcoat 81
Description: agreement with the family

quilted vest 24
Interpretation of the dream: remorse

doublebreasted jacket 40
Translation: you feel loved

stupid woman 16
Dream description: alarming news