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Drunk with liquor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream drunk with liquor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drunk with liquor 66
Meaning of the dream: easy disappointments

Liquor 36
Description: false pleasures

drink liquor 42
Interpretation of the dream: lie to friends

bottle with liquor 74
Translation: enthusiasm brief

goodness of liquor 74
Dream description: do a trip

candy liquor 34
Meaning: unfounded fears

dragees with liquor 80
Translation of the dream: decisive action


filter liquor 82
Interpretation: stationary state

intoxicated with liquor 23
Sense of the dream: general changes to be made

gin (liquor) 63
What does it mean: fun

drink or have liquor 56
Meaning of the dream: passing pleasures

wineskin with liquor 59
Description: sufferings of jealousy

swig of liquor 61
Interpretation of the dream: risks to be avoided

pour liquor 21
Translation: heated discussion

expire for liquor 75

ampoule with liquor 48

liquor drinker 42

biscuit liquor 62

Liquor Factory 25

scum of liquor 65

drop of liquor 50

muddy liquor 59

strong liquor 88

liquor flask 31

marsala liquor 3

give away liquor 4


liquor rose petal 57
Translation of the dream: intimate joy

to get drunk 38
Interpretation: you are losing control of your life

drunk 19
Sense of the dream: wealth and good health

to be drunk 22
What does it mean: deceptive appearance

old drunk 61
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty and doubt

come across drunk 68

embracing a drunk 19
Interpretation of the dream: material loss

beggar drunk 61
Translation: danger of slander

drunk with brandy 20
Dream description: bitterness

deal with a drunk 31
Meaning: ill-intentioned people

a man drunk 90
Translation of the dream: adaptation to the environment

lover drunk 31
Interpretation: increase physical energy

countryman drunk 11
Sense of the dream: bad intentions

carter drunk 14
What does it mean: embarrassing situation

drunk champagne 19
Meaning of the dream: momentary euphoria

driver drunk 19
Description: hasty conclusion

drunk face 14
Interpretation of the dream: damage to other people s mistakes

son drunk 69
Translation: protections helpful

pick up a drunk 71
Dream description: advantageous purchases

tavern with drunk 23
Meaning: pitfalls

getting drunk with wine 80
Translation of the dream: illusory hopes

getting drunk with beer 33
Interpretation: interesting discussion

drunk for sorrow 25
Sense of the dream: painful indecision

drunk on the street 19
What does it mean: imprudent expenses

drunk on the floor 47
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

drunk sleeping 61
Description: happy conclusion

drunk fights 48
Interpretation of the dream: Bad news

drunk playing 31
Translation: wounded pride

accompany a drunk 70
Dream description: quick decision

vagabond drunk 8
Meaning: misunderstandings interest

coachman drunk 19
Translation of the dream: rash decision

drunk abbot 51

American drunk 5

drunk drinker 83

English drunk 82

drunk priest 22

drunk drinking 41

drunk who falls 1

drunk who laughs 63

archpriest drunk 76

Canon drunk 76

drunk cellar 66

imprison a drunk 19

drunk financier 28

drunk baker 19

Franciscan drunk 44

drunk grenadier 27

drunk as a sweet drink 18
Translation: an influential person will help a lot

public house with drunk 23
Dream description: pitfalls

drunk young girl 73

14 - Smorfia classic: drunk 14

taste liquors 79
Interpretation: novelty little happy

drunken scuffle 19
Sense of the dream: nightmares

imprison drunks 3
What does it mean: anxiety and fears

drunken jailer 30
Meaning of the dream: late news

drunken father 21
Description: restlessness and nervousness

question drunken 14
Interpretation of the dream: truth misrepresented

drunkenness 19
Translation: an action done without deliberation may cause resentment of a fellow worker

drunken wild 81
Dream description: pleasant deceits

drunken scene 86
Meaning: wrong settings

cackle of drunks 86
Translation of the dream: desire for peace