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Surf rowing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream surf rowing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

surf rowing 12
Meaning of the dream: you expect a difficult job you make will alone

surf the sea 64
Description: happy omen for what you want

rowing 52
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts

rowing boat 32
Translation: Romantic nostalgia

rowing against the wind 50
Dream description: restlessness and discontent

rowing with difficulty 84
Meaning: Success in business

rowing against the tide 12
Translation of the dream: ideas to be accepted

rowing on the river 15
Interpretation: awareness of their value

rowing on the lake 48
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

rowing on the boat 38
What does it mean: hopes

boatman rowing 17

rowing machine 70

see the canoe surfing clear water 45
Interpretation of the dream: business

tooth growing 78
Translation: visits

crowing cock 53
Dream description: joy short-lived

throwing boiled water 7
Meaning: imminent harm

feeling growing belly 28
Translation of the dream: for a man great satisfaction. for an upcoming maternity woman

eye growing on head 36
Interpretation: You lose sight

overthrowing the boss 27
Sense of the dream: diplomacy and foresight

rough surface 30
What does it mean: intrigue to fear

throwing objects 84
Meaning of the dream: promises to keep

throwing stones 52
Description: illusions and extravagances

mulberry growing 72

Lancer throwing 11

surface 77

narrowing 77

narrowing of clothes 76