Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

floating raft

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: floating raft

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66 floating raft
danger and misfortune

23 draft a project

44 draft

11 craftsman
your loved one very close

60 draft card
final decision

32 draft horse
business stagnation

12 craft
job that will not come never rewarded

41 pilot of an aircraft in flight uniform
many dreams that will come true

49 draft a judgment
Small daily hassles

78 reviewing drafts
aware of their responsibility

5 printing drafts
interesting work

35 aircraft
successful combination

3 seater aircraft
successful combination

33 two seat aircraft
pleasant events

44 small aircraft
Useful experiences

86 aircraft spare
dangerous situation

5 aircraft in flight
new forces

61 aircraft that rises
Good news

59 aircraft making changes
increase of energy

8 aircraft landing
abundance of goods

62 aircraft that precipitates
quarrels inevitable

90 aircraft on fire
sorrows and pains

2 military aircraft
relations to care

50 possess aircraft

19 be on the aircraft
overcome opposition

60 piloting an aircraft
good omen

6 aircraft pilot
You can not go wrong