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Submissive position. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream submissive position. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

belvedere interesting position 77
Meaning of the dream: projects that will launch with minimum effort

rank position 41
Description: incomes

submissive woman 28
Interpretation of the dream: recovery of energy

honorary position 26
Translation: crisis of excitement

old submissive 84
Dream description: promising business

child submissive 65
Meaning: lure offers

top submissive 18
Translation of the dream: proof of confidence

submissive employee 14
Interpretation: initiatives hampered

submissive schoolboy 9
Sense of the dream: enforceable rights

relative submissive 33
What does it mean: professional prestige

son submissive 17
Meaning of the dream: realizations of intent

man submissive 19
Description: commitments to return

employed submissive 36
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected meeting

submissive 39
Translation: recovery of energy

open latch 37
Dream description: speculations very risky and dangerous

act of submission 19
Meaning: protection of elderly

offside 36
Translation of the dream: new sympathies

coexistence 79
Interpretation: bickering with a friend

martial law 23
Sense of the dream: grief and loss

burial tomb 79
What does it mean: important news

immutability 81
Meaning of the dream: broken promises

issue a provision 58
Description: serious and lasting ties

falling asleep standing 16
Interpretation of the dream: ardor in love

highly placed 30
Translation: rivalry in love

coachman fell 15
Dream description: high aspirations

highly placed relative 72
Meaning: momentary infatuation

place of honor 23
Translation of the dream: joy

honorable assignment 67
Interpretation: Slow progress

confusion 12
Sense of the dream: great ideas

placing capital 90
What does it mean: unrealistic ideas

empty niche 26
Meaning of the dream: difficult projects

umbrella stand 62
Description: You need to be understood by someone

parking 54
Interpretation of the dream: you feel neglected and inactive

hoarding a place 12
Translation: happiness upset

polite son 56
Dream description: tendency to rebellion

situation 1
Meaning: harbinger of doom

st. Modesto 9
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

humiliate a man 61
Interpretation: important decision

bus stop 70
Sense of the dream: successfully delayed

polite enough 66
What does it mean: impulsive temperament

niche with grave 26
Meaning of the dream: difficult projects

humble tomb 60
Description: Peace and serenity

receipt modest 6
Interpretation of the dream: mood changes

tailoring modest 29
Translation: serene happiness

situation of distress 44
Dream description: encouraging results

humble demeanor 55
Meaning: enmities of relatives

humble response 57
Translation of the dream: fearsome enemy

fix a situation 11
Interpretation: punishment inflicted

budget status 52
Sense of the dream: material difficulties

establish conditions 35
What does it mean: contempt of danger

dictate conditions 85
Meaning of the dream: unwillingness

Railroad status 43
Description: achieving a goal

modest gift 82
Interpretation of the dream: sincere affection

fruit stand 62
Translation: work poorly rewarded

banquet modest 44
Dream description: Safety baseless

adapt to a situation 66
Meaning: protection from family