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Stumble networks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stumble networks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stumble boards 81
Meaning of the dream: dangerous friendships

strive networks 62
Description: poor security

readjust networks 59
Interpretation of the dream: satisfactions worldly

personality with networks 76
Translation: someone with you will fall into a trap

step stumble 62
Dream description: you will be temporarily locked

stumble 7
Meaning: mistakes are not repeated

paretaio To catch birds 23
Translation of the dream: land with nets to catch birds

stumbling stones 56
Interpretation: Next satisfaction

stumbling in containers 60
Sense of the dream: Luckily the game

Night Network 33
What does it mean: components of your life

stumbling on the stairs 62
Meaning of the dream: unmet expectations

netting 41
Description: You want to get rid of a bad habit

tripping over timber 53
Interpretation of the dream: new sensations

tripping over chairs 53
Translation: peace and contentment

tripping over the step 42
Dream description: self-doubt

Network route 1
Meaning: rebellion counterproductive

tripping over a stone 13
Translation of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

Network with pearls 33
Interpretation: wealth

quail in the network 54
Sense of the dream: necessary sacrifices

birds in the network 59
What does it mean: skill and cunning

tuna in the network 73
Meaning of the dream: wit

network for birds 84
Description: false mirages

undershirt in network 72
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately in social life

tripping over a piece of furniture 23
Translation: stubbornness and obstinacy

see spider webs 84
Dream description: enmities secret

road network 41
Meaning: bumps with the environment

network 2
Translation of the dream: You want to get rid of a bad habit

network 4 4
Interpretation: incompatibility of character

stumbling with his feet 75
Sense of the dream: beware of fake friends

fall into the net 78
What does it mean: inner conflicts

tie network 80
Meaning of the dream: you have a strong sense of responsibility

rock above the water 75
Description: Councils concerned

stumbling in the street 27
Interpretation of the dream: decisions to postpone

search the pockets 56
Translation: floating assets

blow in the hands 88
Dream description: You receive gifts

good reception 42
Meaning: visits from afar

grope in the darkness 1
Translation of the dream: you will be well judged

walk in ash 10
Interpretation: selfishness and greed

collect network 87
Sense of the dream: economic solutions

damned in flames 18
What does it mean: jealousies and turmoil

Devil in flames 6
Meaning of the dream: serious misfortune

walk in the clouds 81
Description: fantasy

Hemp Network 35
Interpretation of the dream: imprudent expenses

enter the catacombs 78
Translation: spirit of sacrifice

Network cart 18
Dream description: to avoid distractions

make the network 49
Meaning: ease of communication

stretch the network 40
Translation of the dream: sudden sympathy

indulging in illusions 34
Interpretation: misunderstanding in the family

sinking in quicksand 24
Sense of the dream: successful combination

aggressive in their opinions 72
What does it mean: healing

network with fish 17
Meaning of the dream: game of love