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Stumble chain. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stumble chain. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stumble 7
Meaning of the dream: mistakes are not repeated

step stumble 62
Description: you will be temporarily locked

stumble boards 81

chain 31
Translation: melancholy

old chain 50
Dream description: love of justice

see someone use a chain saw 5
Meaning: embarrassments

bloodhound chain 18
Translation of the dream: programs to be implemented in common

steel chain 13
Interpretation: selfishness indifferent

Silver Chain 51
Sense of the dream: obstacles to overcome

gold chain 70
What does it mean: success in work

watch chain 16
Meaning of the dream: offers friendship

broken chain 19
Description: fears and mistrust

give the chain 40
Interpretation of the dream: new experiences

break the chain 26
Translation: bad business

chain mail 4
Dream description: hopes imaginative

iron chain 76
Meaning: conflicts with the environment

parrot chain 84
Translation of the dream: sense of boredom and laziness

find a chain 54
Interpretation: bond difficult

Brass Chain 55

by forced chain 13

chain of the shaft 61

anchor chain 6

chain plow 24

chain of feed 90

chain for door 57

chain of coral 43

Wood chain 52

metal chain 42

chain of bone 12
Sense of the dream: Project realizations

copper chain 56

plated chain 65

chain link 75

stacking chairs 82
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

fall asleep in the chair 35
Translation: lack of vitality

adjust a chair 6
Dream description: Next satisfaction

get up from the chair 41
Meaning: discomforts passengers

get up from the armchair 71
Translation of the dream: surprises with money

animal chained 75
Interpretation: physical endurance

lean on a chair 4
Sense of the dream: domestic troubles

sit on a chair or armchair 84
What does it mean: You find ease in your business

fall off the chair 3
Meaning of the dream: increase physical energy

chained dog 62
Description: unpleasant surprises

Chair with Professor 69
Interpretation of the dream: decisions to make

chair empty 45
Translation: prudence in speech

get in the chair 22
Dream description: threads to avoid

devil chained 2
Meaning: betrayal of a friend

sofa chair 21
Translation of the dream: to prevent honors

see iron chains 11
Interpretation: imprisonment

ghost with chains 80
Sense of the dream: impediments and delays

enchain 62
What does it mean: good omen

chaining people 26
Meaning of the dream: victory over enemies

chained beasts 85
Description: self confidence

chaining enemies 24
Interpretation of the dream: unhappiness and damage