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Stroke of knife friend. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream stroke of knife friend. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

knife blow 16
Meaning of the dream: dangers to be avoided

knife 41
Description: poverty or misfortune

handle knife 16
Interpretation of the dream: you missed some good opportunities

bloody knife 43
Translation: prudence in speech

dirty knife 22
Dream description: commitments unwelcome

blunt knife 41
Meaning: poverty or misfortune

sharp knife 11
Translation of the dream: insinuations do not collect

broken knife 13
Interpretation: trends to be monitored

knife rusty 31
Sense of the dream: loss, numerous setbacks caused by envious

drunk friend 64
What does it mean: you still have much to do

challenge knife 69
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness and pride

sharpen a knife 36
Description: anger and sorrow

wield a knife 41
Interpretation of the dream: hard work

knife sharpness 22
Translation: waste of money

Letter Friend 1
Dream description: loss and damage

wary of a friend 75
Meaning: new ties

find a friend 88
Translation of the dream: support effective

use the knife 38
Interpretation: prestigious position

pinning a knife 61
Sense of the dream: You win your battle

a knife blade 56
What does it mean: aggressiveness

find a knife 30
Meaning of the dream: choice to make

facilitating a friend 12
Description: deception male

neglecting a friend 74
Interpretation of the dream: negotiations uncertain

tip of a knife 41
Translation: facing needless

call a friend 49
Dream description: romantic friendship

advised a friend 56
Meaning: unexpected novelty

resorting to a friend 59
Translation of the dream: physical strength

recommend a friend 24
Interpretation: pain due to women

decay of a friend 24
Sense of the dream: bitterness and disappointment

lie to a friend 45
What does it mean: envy masked

trust a friend 35
Meaning of the dream: commitments embarrassing

arm yourself with knife 41
Description: minor accident

cut with the knife 35
Interpretation of the dream: concerns for a child

report to a friend 26
Translation: quarrels of love

muffled cough with knife 53
Dream description: sentimental defeat

haughty friend 21
Meaning: lucky shot

lovable friend 40
Translation of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

Friend angry 10
Interpretation: speculation guess

friend arrested 27
Sense of the dream: persecution of enemies

good friend 12
What does it mean: arrogance of employees

wounded friend 7
Meaning of the dream: boredom and loneliness

interested friend 59
Description: sudden rise

devoted to a Friend 22
Interpretation of the dream: poor agreement in family

redeem a friend 44
Translation: momentum in action

friend drowned 33
Dream description: Discussions with relatives

write to a friend 79
Meaning: unnecessary risks

condescend to a friend 53
Translation of the dream: inner balance

accompany a friend 43
Interpretation: important to mention the work

threaten with knife 51
Sense of the dream: skill and luck

loving friend 15
What does it mean: benefits from people close

sheathe knife 51
Meaning of the dream: nervousness and irritation

forcing a friend 87
Description: cunning and mischief

killed with knife 1
Interpretation of the dream: renovation

injuring friend 44
Translation: actions confusing